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Is there a way to sort a store by "Watchers"? If not, it might be be something nice to be able to do to decide if a seller might want to incentivize a potential buyer to purchase an item though a markdown or other means. TIA for any response.


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  • Still am interested in if this can be done. Anyone have any comments or ideas on how to do this? Thanks!
  • I asked about this a while ago and was told that the watchers column is a virtual column in the database and could not be sorted. Not exactly sure what that means,

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    Wouldn't number of views (Sort by Most Popular) be more meaningful for your purpose, Greg? Not everyone potential buyer uses the Watch feature, and many people who want to watch a listing, puts it in their shopping cart.
    Number of views tells you how many people took time to click on and view the listing, but decided not to buy it. For instance, I just randomly clicked on a dealer's listing on the front page, sorted their store by Most Popular and checked the first few listings. The top item had over 700 views, but 0 watchers. Clearly, that stamp has a lot of interested potential buyers, but are turned off by something. I would say that dealer needs to do something to incentivize the buyer.
  • Ted, yes and no. I agree that an item that has been viewed a large number of times with no watchers and no sale needs attention. There is clearly an issue with it. However, to take a step forward with an item with a large numbers of views and a number of watchers kind of tells me there are potential buyers interested enough in the item to actually pay some level of attention to it. I am sure there are a million different reasons someone would watch an item. If I could sort my items by number of watchers, then I can focus in on those items that someone had a reason to be interested enough to watch it rather than simply view it and move on and possibly do something to the pricing or shipping cost on that item to incentivize the watcher to pull the trigger.

    Also, the mystery of why someone watches an item. Are they watching for a price drop? Is it a reminder to them to come back after payday to buy it? Just me, if I were to watch an item, that means I actually have a real interest in possibly purchasing the item but not quite there yet. Of course, if the seller accepts offers, then I would simply tender an offer but I suspect there are quite a few buyers that are not aware of the offer option and a number of sellers who do not accept offers.

    Anyway just my thoughts.
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