Is there a reference source for US Stamp designers?

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Is there a repository somewhere that lists out the people involved in the design, lettering etc for an individual US stamp. This example of Captain James Cook (Scott 1732) FDC that I am looking at appears to be signed but how do you know if they are correct? I realize the example shown is not in great shape with a glue remnant from an old label and some smudging of the word Vignette but it spiked my interest in the likely sources available to confirm these names are correct (I realize there is no way to confirm the signatures are genuine!)
Thanks in advance for any feedback


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  • I know that all that information is included on the stamp posters/FDC Souvenir Pages produced by the USPS, so somone, somewhere with time on their hands must have the info. The USPS certainly does, but prying that out of them could be problematic.
  • Michael,
    You may want to try Linn's Year Books. Ask if anybody has one and if they list this type of information. Doesn't have to be this specific issue, but may give you a lead on where to search. You may also want to see if the Librarian at the APS Library has this information.
  • Thanks Harry, I have left a message at APS but I have not had a response yet. I will try looking for a Linns Year book
  • Mike,
    Happy Hunting.
  • Just in case anyone else wants to research the stamp designer then Jay Bigalke at AMOS was kind enough to point out that many of the designers for commemorative stamps are identified in the Scott Specialized Catalog of United States stamps and covers. (starting from around issues after 1950) I never noticed that before!
    In the case of image above and Scott 1732 the designer is listed as Robert F Szabo which doesn't match to any of signatures. Always good to learn something new and my old age!!
  • Just to close this out, a reference assistant at APS got back to me with the below information:

    1) Linn’s World Stamp Almanac, millennium edition, (Sydney, Ohio:Linn’s Stamp News), 2000. There is a section titled “Stamp Production Credits that lists all the production details for each stamp by Scott number, including the designer. The drawback is, since it was published in 2000, it does not list any of the more recent stamps.
    2) Linn’s U.S. Stamp Yearbook, (Sydney, Ohio:Linn’s Stamp News), published yearly. This yearbook lists each U.S. stamp published for the year, includes some history and production detail. Our library’s latest edition is for 2010.

    Above publications are available at APS for loan or photo copy of a specific article at nominal cost

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