German cancellation

Anyone recognize this statue (if that's what it is). Text beneath looks like "Wiesmann" (?).Ger419u[d]


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  • Deutches Reich
  • Father Christmas - Weihnachtsmann ??
  • Underneath that statue cancel is the well known Hindenburg defiinitive, 6RpF, issued 1933-1934, Third Reich, Germany Michel # 516. Designed by the illustrious Prof.K. Goetz. President Hindenburg was the last democratic leader of Wiemar Germany, before his death in 1934. He made a deal with the NSDAP leader, Adolph Hitler to share power as Chancellor in the new government, then died unexpectedly. Hitler declared himself leader and consolidated power in 1933. The rest is history. ALL that reflected in a minor postage stamp.
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