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  • No Elvis stamps???
  • Calling all Marks, calling all Marks- clean up on aisle 3. Just shaking my head, Ted ....good catch.
  • Well,
    what can I say, I'm speechless.
  • But aren't the Hong Kong stamps all inverts??? That $700 price is quite a good deal for something so rare.
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    To an experienced philatelist, the absolute preposterous nature of the "snake oil" sell of those stamps seems obvious. BUT some people have more money than sense, and I guess they also must be protected.
  • Easily one of my least favorite duties has been informing someone who has an inherited collection for sale, that the hours of tallying individual stamps using library Scott's catalogs and the subsequently derived total "worth" just doesn't reflect the real market, let alone what one can expect in an offer to purchase. They may even have meticulous records of what the collector paid through the years and are adamant they must now be worth more. Ultimately, they usually are offended, thinking I'm trying to cheat them. I really loathe being first-in-line to deliver such an unpleasant message, though I try my best crafting the language in a sympathetic, educating manner. So, yes, greedy sellers affect the victims, but also cast a negative cloud on the whole stamp community, and as relating to this forum, the Hipstamp family. I join the outcry here toward such callous activity.
  • Ron Lenke - I agree it is often no fun to have to tell someone that all those nice mint sheets that Gramps collected will go for a fraction of face value, or that all those "old" stamps can be purchased wholesale for 35 cent/100, etc. Before pandemic I would go out a give a free 15 minute look at a collection. Post pandemic I ask for a scan or photo of some of the collection pages, and try to ask questions that will quickly tell me something about a collection i.e are there any $ value 1897 Victoria Jubilee stamps? Once in a blue moon I run across something worthwhile . Collectors need to tell there next of kin a bit about their collection and who to talk to about disposal.
  • Yes Dennis. Sometimes what I can offer as the most convincing argument is to show them I am selling NH stamps typically for 20% catalog; used at 10% (and even at that I am sitting on many unsold items). I have presented US sheets to them-pick and choose at face or at discount if you buy a certain amount. It seems to sink in a bit, seeing rather than just saying.
  • People like the person that is selling the junk for outlandish prices should be expelled but unfortunately the powers that be will not do anything about it because of the almighty buck. It is a shame and puts a black mark on the whole industry.
  • ??? Last time I checked yesterday the powers that be had already removed the seller's account.
  • No need for the cynicism, Bill. The $5 a month derived from that schmuck's store subscription pales in comparison to the loss of respect and dignity to the site, as well as the lost revenue from future sales and subscriptions from dealers blacklisting the site because of the presence of such grifters.
  • Ted,

    Sorry for my exuberistic cynicism I have been dealing with eBay for too many years.
    Yes, it does leave a very black mark on the whole industry which in these times are not very welcome for any one.
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