Search for Scott Number in Invoices

Is there a way to search for a Scott number in the Purchases view for items you bought listed on an invoice? Would make things much easier for me.



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  • Use CTRL-F and search the page.
  • Thanks for the tip! Is there a way to view all invoices though on one page at least say for 2020? I’ve got like 40 plus pages for this year.
  • Go to Members > Buying > Purchases > Listings (instead of Orders) and you can search for individual listings you've purchased:
  • Perfect! Thanks man!
  • Actually, that search function for purchased listings is far from perfect, and pretty close to useless. I have often looked for individual purchases that do not show up. Instead I have to search the invoices of the dealer I purchased it from. For example a search of Purchased Listings of Argentina returns only 33 results. When I search the invoices of the dealer, the first page alone shows 385 listings for Argentina. Mark knows this, too, as I contacted admin about the wonky listings search, and I was told that this search function is not reliable. So, I don't know why he would come on here and recommend it.
  • I use this feature multiple times a week myself and I have never run into any issue.

    That being said, the Search in the Members > Buying > Purchases > Listings works the same way as in the general area of the site. If you enter anything which appears to be a Country & Catalog Number, we'll match the Country and Catalog Number fields on the individual listings - not the title, which generally provides significantly more accurate results, which is a key feature on HipStamp.

    Ted - I did take a quick look at what you're referring to, and it appears that almost every item you're referring to as missing on this page is from one specific order you placed with one specific seller (for hundreds of Argentina stamps). These should definitely be appearing in this section. I'm not sure what they're not, but we'll have our team look into this - it certainly shouldn't be the case.
  • ^ this should be fixed for you now Ted
  • Yes, it does appear to be fixed. Thank you very much. However, I just noticed another curious glitch. Argentina is the only country search that displays the message "X number of results found." Can someone look into this?
  • Appears to be all better now. Thank you.
  • Indeed! My life is much easier now. Thank you very much Mark!
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