Not TakenSystem auto-detects wrong catalog #.

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I have some listings for which I put 2 catalog numbers, for Scott & Michel, in the title, thus: Austria 286 Used - Michel 396 - 1922

The HipStamp system, though, recorded the Michel catalog number, and Austria 286 (as well as other dual catalog listings) do not appear in search results. I edited some of those listings, placing the Scott # in the catalog # box. That was this morning, but those items still do not show up in searches using the Scott number.

Short of deleting all those listings with dual catalog numbers, and relisting them from scratch, what can be done to make my listings visible?


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  • If you're entering multiple Catalog Types within your title, we may not always be able to extract this information. However, within the Catalog Number field you can easily do this yourself. Just follow the note about prefixing the Catalog Number with the Catalog Type abbreviation.

    So for example, you could enter:

    and either should work fine.

    If you update a listing, and it does not appear to be showing up in search results within a few minutes, please let me know, as well as provide the Listing ID number.
  • Okay sounds good. The changes I made are showing now. I thought it would be a matter of hours, but today I see them.


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