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I just noticed that a listing I posted yesterday, shows up differently than the way I described it, e.g. MNH is now Mnh and UNRRA is now Unrra. This a new glitch?


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  • For me it still shows as 'MNH' & 'UNRRA.'
  • When you search on San Marino from all sellers, it shows up differently than in the link I posted.
  • William,

    Yes you are correct just as it does in the link you posted.
  • we should be glad capital letters are only reduced to lower case and not omitted, or else the title of this forum would read:
    "ecent escription itle rror - apital etters ropped"
  • This is not a bug.

    If you create a listing, and for the title, you CAPITALIZE everything, we'll remove the all caps from Search Results, as listings are required to be entered with proper capitalization.

    Create your listing as:
    San Marino 1946 Sc 257 100L UNRRA MNH, F-VF, cv $20
    instead of SAN MARINO 1946 Sc 257 100L UNRRA MNH, F-VF, cv $20

    and it should display as you originally entered it in search results as well.
  • I do not understand your answer. I capitalize all country names, as do many other sellers, and this is the first time I can recall that some letters were switched to lower case. Searching on San Marino I see some listings in all caps, some with only initial caps, and some "SAN Marino". Why would you change the letters to lower case in UNRRA which is a proper abbreviation for United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency. I do not see "Us" showing up for "US" in the listings, mine or others.
  • As I understand Mark's answer, the system will switch to lower case if you capitalize EVERYTHING in the title, which you did. "SAN Marino" does not have everything capitalized, so the function is not triggered.
  • But everything was not in all caps in my title, e.g. Sc and cv. It was very stupid to switch a capital L for Lira to lower case so it looks like 100l
  • I think it's a computer programing preference, the coder who wrote the program created these preferences... it works like human thinking, logically the first capital letter is automatically followed by lower case...just the way they did it, I guess.
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