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It would be nice addition if buyers were able to "Request an Invoice" from a seller if they have more than one item in the cart. That way, a seller such as myself can combine items into one shipping cost. At the moment, if someone buys 10 items from me, each item is charged a shipping cost. So if I have it at $1.50 an item, they are charged $15. Then, I have to refund them the difference and ultimately have to pay the PayPal fees on the total amount. I would prefer someone requesting a total and it sells the items to him and he can pay once I provide a shipping amount.

I know you can charge one flat rate or offer free shipping over an amount. Although, for international orders, I want to charge a higher amount if the total reaches $250 (for shipping security purposes). That is why I don't set up one flat rate.


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    Wouldn't setting up your shipping zone rates to include "with another item" solve your problem?
    For example in my store shipping costs for the first item is $0.85 and each additional item is $0.10, so in your example of ten items a buyer would see total shipping cost of $1.75 and not $8.50
  • Hey Michael, it would to an extent. Although, I cannot change the shipping for non-US buyers where I have to charge more for insurance purposes if they exceed $250. I need it tracked at that point which I charge $20 for.
  • Keep in mind that all shipping costs, including additional item shipping costs, are required to be set up correctly using the options that we provide. If you generally need to refund buyers on shipping costs because you don't have combined shipping set up properly - this may not be compliant with our terms. Additionally, our terms also explicitly prohibit sellers from charging any additional shipping amounts based on the total value of an order, for example orders over $250.

    I would recommend that you review setting up the additional shipping costs using the options that we do provide, and as Michael highlighted above.
  • While we are on the subject of a fee for additional item. I presently sell stamps only on Hipstamp. I charge one flat shipping fee no matter how many stamps are purchased. I wish to start selling covers on Hipstamp, and because weight of covers adds up faster than for stamps, I would like to charge an additional shipping fee for each cover. If I set up an additional shipping fee, it will automatically apply to stamps also. Which I do not want. If I could have to accounts, one for stamps and one for covers, that would solve my problem. However, Hipstamp will not allow this. So I sell covers on two other sites and only stamps here.
  • "If I set up an additional shipping fee, it will automatically apply to stamps also." this is not true.

    On HipStamp, each individual listing has its own shipping settings. You can create one listing with no additional fees, such as stamps, and you can then create another listing with additional fees, such as covers. It's up to you.
  • Mark, thank you so much for your reply. I was not aware of that possibility.
  • There may be a way to combine shipping for multiple orders, but I've never figured it out. Buyer closes 2 or more different orders in a single day, and I have flat shipping fees. I'd like to be able to print one invoice and have both orders on it, as in eBay, where the seller can combine shipping. Is there a way? I've been just refunding one shipping charge to PayPal, but it seems like there should be a better way. Of course, I may have just missed out on how to do this with Hip. Thanks, Ray
  • I have the same issues Ray. The system was set up so that all shipping charges are known up front (no "contact me to combine shipping"). Unfortunately, that does not allow for the customers who pay for items in the same order separately. This is especially bothersome in auctions, when the customer gets multiple notices saying, " You won this item. Pay now," so they do . . . multiple times.

    The only thing you can do, as you noted, is to refund the overage on the shipping, and request FVF refund from Hip. This is just one more area where the site admin ignores what is best for their members.

    It is all becoming very frustrating. I am only a hobbyist dealer. One can only imagine the frustrations of those for whom this is their livelihood.


  • Ted, FVF refund? Not familiar, and never have. Can you either explain, or point me to where I can find this? Thanks much! Ray
  • The final value fee you paid for the shipping portion of that order which you refunded to the buyer. You have to email, explain the situation and ask them if they will refund you.
  • I did not know I could do that Ted. Thanks a million. When I do refund a shipping charge I do not include the PayPal fee in that refund.
  • It's not worth my time and I'm sure HipStamp doesn't like to waste theirs either by making a 10 or 11 cent refund. The majority of the extra fees incurred with a double payment of shipping would be to PayPal. Do they also provide you a refund? I'm under the impression that they don't, as they no longer reimburse their fees when you make a refund for a missing stamp. In order for me to stay whole, I deduct both fees paid from the shipping refund I provide to the buyer.
  • PayPal does not refund fees. I used to refund customers when combining orders but when HipStamp stopped refunding their fees. I now ship orders regardless and I don't refund anymore. My confirmation letter that I send has now a special mention; - SAVE when you combine your orders, UP to 75 SINGLE stamps can be easily included for the same shipping & handling charge IF you complete your order in only ONE invoice! If not, because of new rules by both HipStamp & PayPal I will not be able to refund the unnecessary postage..
    I had to do this because I had customers ordering a single 0,14 stamp every day or so. Again today I got 2 orders from the same customer if UK within 3 hours. The mailing charges are horrendous and I'm not about to swallow them
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    For the last +_ 10 years I have several times tried to motivate..... Mark to offer sellers the option " Request an invoice"
    If we had that option as seller all shipping cost issues should be solved, due to seller will be able to calculate the correct shipping cost on the buyer's invoice.

    I also list on another site and the site offer " Request an invoice" buyers are not able to pay before I provide buyers the invoice with the correct shipping. In +_ 15 years I never had any issues,problems regarding the correct shipping cost.
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