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  • Carol,

    If you look at their store,it shows that it's in PA and shipping within the US is $2.25 not the $3.50 internationally.
  • Hi All!,

    I am Olivia, one of the Rueppel kids, and I don't have the English gaffs mom & dad do so I said I would weigh in for them. I do the order pulling and such for this little store they haphazardly run here in a decidedly Slavic fashion, kind of like a 1970's free for all spring clearance sale at Woolworths! When they went off of Ebay in 07 they just kept the same shipping #'s , the same shipping schmel that they had there. They might seem high to some, but the other side of that is they never ever ask the customer to pay more, and we sell a lot of stamps, more inexpensive stuff which is more than cool but sometimes 100 stamps to England for instance in the black BK102 cards we package in we also scan in and then file once loaded into the store. That's a lot of weight , and they eat the cost which I can assure you goes well above $2.25 & $3.50. Their motto, don't like it? you know what to to, old school , I know. But they are really cool & sweet folks anyway, crass or not. Now, as I've followed this talk of her's this needs to be cleared up, she never said 26 different people ripped us off from oversea's, well she did but that's not what she meant in the English world. We lost 26 shipments oversea's this year, just a stupid amount of stamps more so than cash. 3 of those went over I'd say a 2 month period to the same person. 11 went to the PRC again not all different buyers I think it was three total, and in the China Clipper it stated that this one individual was called out on Ebay for using three different names. So yes we did lose 26 orders, we just refunded most of them until , in July mom got the ass of it and said screw this I'm fighting this. And it went downhill from there. Every morning through probably Halloween, well at least Columbus day I got lectured about the virtues of capitalism and the need for a blocking feature. Both I also agree with her are good things in theory and practice. Now as to how the shipping is going, I slap a global on it, the moon, the holly wreath, whatever and out it goes .....after the postal clerk makes me fill out this small green forms declaring what is in the letter, We don't ship parcels out of the U.S. Our customers would not pay that price for the material they are purchasing. Now I keep the stub of all of these little 8856 or whatever the form # is, I'm not at the desk at the moment but they , at least at the Lititz and Enola post offices in the fine state of Pa make me do it. I think Michael, Dave the confusion is on mom's part. First class was the term they carried over with them from Ebay, it just stuck,. I think the listings might still say "first class air" okay if it's leaving the states it's going air, I need to amend that one. So in her way that is what she was saying, I also read that we run a bio hazard cleaning company, not a body disposal company, the difference? Body disposal people are generally I think here in America funeral directors. We clean up after them or should I say what is left of them, I.E. put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger, we're your people. Hopefully that cleared that "fishy " thing up for Mr. Bennett. An American who knows where Kamchatka is? I see someone paid attention in school. Didn't really appreciate that little shot at my mom, but she's not part of that Woo Hoo stamp wants 2005 crowd so I guess assuming everyone who is not part of that crown, or who is a female, or not an American is fishy, Did I interpret that correctly?

    From the fishy stamp dealers,

    Merry Xmas!
  • Olivia,

    First the customs form that you need to be filling out is NOT green and they no longer have a stub. (Those forms were discontinued in usage for almost 2 years. They are no longer used at all and the PO is not suppose to be using them) The current form is white 4" x 6" and a PS form 2976-R unless it's to an APO,FPO or a US Trust Territory then its a form 2976 with a different letter. Minimum size envelope that you are to use is about 6 x 9 in order for the label that they print out for the customs declaration can fit on the envelope. The customs dispatch form is a 4 part form in which once the postal clerk types in the information from the customs form the printer will print out 4 labels with the tracking number. One label goes on each of the four parts of the customs declaration. the first copy is the customs declaration,2nd copy is the dispatch form which goes with the package,3rd copy is the PO copy and the 4th is yours. Each one of those gets one of the tracking labels. The large label that goes on the envelope has both parties name and address and the type of items that the
    package contains so it can clear customs.

    Now you also said you don't ship parcels yet you said this

    We lost 26 shipments oversea's this year, just a stupid amount of stamps more so than cash. 3 of those went over I'd say a 2 month period to the same person. 11 went to the PRC again not all different buyers I think it was three total, and in the China Clipper it stated that this one individual was called out on Ebay for using three different names. So yes we did lose 26 orders,

    The point I am trying to make with this is it is ILLEGAL to ship any merchandise EXCEPT by first class parcel or better. It's classified as smuggling which is illegal. Paypal WILL NOT cover any ILLEGAL activity. To win any Paypal dispute YOU must have documentation of mailing. It sounds like you are trying to ship it via first class letter rate which HAS NO TRACKING. And Paypal can suspend your account if you have too many disputes.

    Now it is your choice to pay the extra postage to cover the uprate if you so choose.

  • Hi Olivia,

    I think the problem/confusion here is regarding the "NEW" International mailing regulations. As of January 21, 2018 you can no longer mail an envelope containing goods as a First Class International Letter. All must now go as an International Parcel regardless if it's one stamp or hundreds. So, if you're mailing your orders in a small envelope and using a "First Class International Letter Stamp" this could very well be subject to confiscation.

    You might want to check out the USPS web site or this Hip Thread:

  • And that is a perfect example of what happens when one assumes - and I am old enough to know better... sorry..
  • Just as an FYI when you go to print a shipping label in Paypal this is what they now show

    USPS Terms and conditions
    I will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to USPS services, including, without limitation, the provisions of the Domestic Mail Manual and the International Mail Manual.
    I don’t owe any money to USPS and am not a controlling member or officer of an entity that owes money to USPS.
    I authorize PayPal to share my personal information with USPS and such other information retained by PayPal that may enable USPS to collect the debts owed.
    I acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

    There is a check box underneath that statement that says you agree with these terms. And without a doubt that will also be included with the user agreement.
  • Ok I wasn’t aware of This, the latest thing I’ve heard is that the Donald is pulling us out of the UPU, got that from this months gibbons stamp monthly, of which I was also blissfully unaware. But, I am still being told to fill out these forms they are green and I get the stub. If we were going to lie about something philatelic it would go something like “hey, those missing inverted Jenny’s ?” You guessed it, we found them in outside of philly behind an old painting we bought at a flea market. Not a stupid form. Maybe this will give my tale some street cred , maybe not. I asked the clerk in lititz this week when filling out forms what the standard postage rate was now, I was told and I quote “ the stamp says forever”. I said forever is not an amount to which I was told again that’s what the stamp says that’s the cost. I was franking all of our domestic mail with the new tiger semi postal, thought our customers might like to get an actual possibly used new semi postal on their sending instead of the printed sticker. When I bought ten sheets to take back to the office the same clerk told me they couldn’t tell me the single stamp price just the amount the register said for ten sheets. Ok , so we’re a group of dumb Slavs, we will make sure over our Christmas in January to make sure we are up to speed on all this. In the mean time we still think there should be a block buyer/ seller option even if it needed to be presented on a case by case option to administration.
  • And we don’t print PayPal sicker label, we hand write each envelope, mom and dad insist on it and a hand written note expressing our deep and sincere appreciation for them choosing to shop with us. Dad says you have to make each customer no they are important to you and a note in your own hand is the best way. So I would nor would they have seen the PayPal printing label stuff you refer to. By the way if we’re such smuggling criminals how is it know one ever calls out these people on here for selling Cuba , Iran etc? They know it’s embargoed ( yes I can read a Scott catalogue) I am aware of what is and is not covered there but PayPal doesn’t.
  • Sorry I’m driving and verbally texting this. Am sure the errors would make my English professors turn over. Sorry about that in advance
  • Thanks jeri, nice store by the way
  • I just had Paypal put a hold on my account about a month ago because of a Marshall Islands stamp issued for FDRs election to a third term because somehow they thought it was something tied into Crimea. (Not quite sure how they got that out of that stamp to begin with. But it took about 3 days to get it straightened out with them)
  • Ok ok I got one too!” And I know we’re getting far afield here but I don’t mind if y’all don’t. Dad used to list the stamps by country then the title. Like: loas, girl weaving basket . Finally I convinced him this was a grandiose waste of time However! A customer just three weeks ago bought a decent group of Senegal. And it was one of those old listing: Senegal , 2500th anniversary of Persian art blah blah. They flagged us! To their credit when I called PayPal and explained the situation they put us on the “white list?” Told me that if they see something like that again with us they will just send it through I can see what got us flagged, yours? I’m clueless too. I’ve heard the horror stories though. I collect Iran serious collecting Iran but I buy from mehdi in New York and I only collect the shah period. But I’d never attempt to pull s move like buying it online, and there’s some awesome covers on here from time to time, I’ll get punched by PayPal, then I’ll get punched by mom!
  • This discussion seems to have morphed into another "naughty buyer" rant, when it is meant to be about blocking sellers.

    David, per your query re Togo, feel free to sell as many Togo as you like to your customer. As long as they're listed in the right category (ie: NOT British Commonwealth, the last such stamps were issued in 1920!).

    I note a theme in the posts is that sellers in the US seem terrified of the postal services for some reason, as if the postal services drive the bus. Perhaps I'm lucky in Australia. Every item I send that is not posted via registered post, is cancelled at the counter, and I then photograph the envelope as proof of posting. Since doing so, I have had zero claims for lost items. We don't need to fill out customs forms unless we send a boxed item of a certain dimension. I've never filled one out. I've shipped to 50+ countries, including all the supposed "bad" ones, and not (knowingly) been ripped off yet. Buyers are not the enemy.

    All that is required for Hipstamp to work as effectively as Ebay and Delcampe for BUYERS is for Mark to listen to our requests and implement changes; for sellers to be brought to account for listing multiple copies of rubbish; for sellers to be brought to account for listing without images, and for most sellers in the US to invest in an SG British Commonwealth 1840-1970 catalogue!

  • Togo being listed in British Commonwealth is not a seller error. The site is placing them in this category. All my Togo is listed under Africa but show up under British Commonwealth as well. When listing there is no such category to pick as "British Commonwealth".
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    Thanks for that info Jeri, I just tested that, and you're absolutely correct. That's something else that Mark needs to address. Togo was a German territory before it was a British mandated territory, so the choice of listing seems quite random.
  • Who's on first?
  • David Sheridan said this

    All that is required for Hipstamp to work as effectively as Ebay and Delcampe for BUYERS is for Mark to listen to our requests and implement changes; for sellers to be brought to account for listing multiple copies of rubbish; for sellers to be brought to account for listing without images, and for most sellers in the US to invest in an SG British Commonwealth
    1840-1970 catalogue!

    If Hipstamp was not listening and didn't implement the changes that are needed it wouldn't be growing. Hipstamp would not be growing as well as it is. It would just be a SG 2.

    As far as what some people classify as rubbish is in the eyes of the beholder and that will NEVER change. It's a mute argument that will be debated forever as long as people will not it go.

    I do agree with you on the images. That should be a fix that it can NOT be listed without an image. Most of the selling sites will not allow it anymore and why should Hipstamp?

    How many different catalogues are the sellers suppose to get? Are we suppose to also get Michel's,Yeverts or the Japanese cats that cover the same time range? Do you have a Michel for your German customers? How about a Yevert for your French customers? If I am looking at German seller I can NOT expect them to have a Scott's cat or to even have a Scott's when their customer base buys using a Michel and not Scott's. It could be understood if you are dealing with a seller that specializes in that time frame and is trying sell that type of material but it's not realistic to expect the average seller to buy 10 of thousands dollars worth of cats.
  • Yes Michael, I have Michel, Yvert, Zumstein, Karamitsos, Yang, Facit etc etc etc. If you're a serious seller, how can you operate without them? If sellers insist on using one catalogue, adding more detail to their listings would help their buyers. As I've said before, listing something as "Scott 42" is useless if you don't have access to a Scott to see what #42 is.

    I suppose that's why I pick up so many bargains on US selling sites :)

  • It depends on the market you're trying to sell to and what you handle. I myself do not carry much before 1935. I am also a bit eclectic because of the niche that I am trying to service. For me the classical material is not something I really want to handle much of. I list the earlier material only because I get it in the lots I buy,but I don't go out looking for that type of material first. I look more for topicals and more modern material along with FDC's that have the nice art work on the cachets. I like working with the kids but most of them don't care much for dead dudes on stamps. I just don't see if that is not the market I am after that it makes sense for someone like me to have all those cats. If those cats are not going to used mush at all does it make any sense to have to go and get them?
  • Good morning all,
    Olivia again.
    Does anyone mind if I weigh in on this catalogue discussion? Don't want to just horn in.
  • Great's Stanley I presume, regards Michel
  • Olivia, chime in any time.
  • Yes Olivia, weigh on in, see I am out there lurking.
    You know what would really be fun? Start a political forum. (some) Stamp people really get hot under the collar and vocal, just imagine how this would take off! Vicious! Hehe...............This post might be enough to get it cranked up.
  • Please no, Jimmy I know you are just joking (I hope, at least you are) but I like everybody here and if we start up with any thing political I might end up never talking to some. That subject shouldn't be on a wonderful site for stamps. But again, I know you are only joking, so pass the eggnog and lets play.
  • Glug, glug.........right you are!!
  • Hi All,

    Okay thanks, here's my tiny chime in! I see Dave mentioned every U.S Dealer should own a Gibbons 1840-1970, If one wants to successfully sell the commonwealth I would thing that makes good sense, I also from reading Dave's post understand why mom was saying we're not supposed to sell Togo anymore, can't wait till they get home to try to explain that to her, Lol. I Bought a Yang PRC catalog and a ma just because we always when purchasing collections of China find one or several pages of these " what's it's" on blank pages. The collector had no idea so that's where they went. dad had no clue, lives and dies with Scott right? finally he broke down and bought the V.Zagorsky USSR specialized catalog and that was like pulling teeth. We just got tired of him crying in his sauce about how this isn't in Scott, that isn't in Scott.
    I Make no profession of being a China expert, I'm not but the Yang really helped me find some of these buggers and sell them. And I kind of think this is where Dave is going with that. All of a sudden a few years ago mom & dad began buying all of the Latin America they could get their hot little Slavic hands on, I mean by the moving carton full, and I'm like really, whats going on. Mom said Hey, I don't see lots of people advertising this stuff, lets get some on Bid Start and see if any one buys it. Ok so we did, and now it goes great guns. But now they own this massive pile of Mexico, revolutionary stuff, Hidalgo's , eagles, you get it. And all of it is beyond the scope of Scott, as are the albums of missperfed Paraguay, those Bolivia S/Sheets that aren't there either, now they had to spend a fortune on books and sit around reading these catalogs to sell the stuff. Which is really ass backwards if I remember it right we kids were told growing up, "Buy the book before the stamp/Coin. Mepsi is great, Follansbee is great Leo Corbin to but wow, they should have took that advise. If I was ever to mess with the commonwealth I would own the Gibbons. Boy that was a little chime I guess. Thanks for the invite Luree!

    Politics? can't help you there, but religion? Ha! dad is an ordained Serbian Orthodox Priest, Mom is Russian Orthodox, One of my brothers is a baptist hell fire and brimstone preacher and Bible prophecy teacher and another brother (5 of us little Rueppel's) married a right off the boat beautiful Bosnian Croatian girl, who is as Catholic as Francis! ASo when we get together for protestant Christmas, 12/25, someone is usually excommunicated by desert. Fortunately we also fervently celebrate the orthodox holidays ( Present time rules!) So everyone by Jan 7th is friends again and back in good standing. that's enough controversy for this gal, and it's only a few days away, ain't I the lucky dog! And I agree, I think I like everybody here too.
  • Hey! I just saw a full page ad in the APS journal for HipStamp, that is a very good sign!
  • Having the right catalogues means you maximise your stock's value.

    A case in point. The stamp on the left is Germany 1947, Scott 579 (CV 0.25c), Michel 964 (CV €0.30). The stamp on the right isn't listed in Scott, but it's Michel 964b (black-blue violet), CV €160. One stamp pays for the catalogue.

  • Pays for the color chart to! Does Michel make a color chart/ swatches like gibbons and Scott? I collect Bosnia KuK cancellations and other Austrian Yugoslav forerunners cancels. Those catalogs when available are definitely worth the price. Well said.
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