eBay items not being synced

I added 3 items to my eBay store. I have been synced with eBay for years with no problems. I have disabled and renewed my sync with eBay but those 3 items still haven’t come up on hipstamp after over an hour. Does anyone know what’s up or have suggestions?


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  • They finally have showed up. It just took a very long time.
  • I'm new to Hipstamp and am interested in adding my eBay items, can you select a few or do you have to add them all?
  • Do you mean only a few stamps but not others? Or do you mean all your stamps but not other stuff, like books, comics, whatever? If you sync your store to ebay, only the stamp listings will be recognized, so you don't have to worry about non-stampy stuff getting listed here. If you want to sync some of your stamp listings, you cannot pick and choose which ones. Everything will come over, and you will have to delete the listings you don't want listed.
  • OK thanks I understand
    In the case of stamps that are in the active list and drafts list, do both of these lists come over>
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