Sort Store Items by Private_ID

It would be helpful to be able to sort my store items by the Private_ID number.


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  • I second that request.
  • I third that request.
  • Very good suggestion. This is a missing functionality on Hipstamp!
  • If you use sequential private ID numbers then sorting by recently listed is one way to go. Personally i would down load my listing and work with them in Excel for maximum flexibility.
    Rod: You did not indicate what problem you are trying to solve with this feature?
  • Yes downloading an excel file is one way to go. On eBay you can sort by private ID's so you can tell if an item was not listed.
  • Michael, sorting by recently listed doesn't necessarily put them in sequential order. I had an issue with bulk upload where about half my items did not get the image attached. If I could have sorted by private ID, I could have been able to troubleshoot the problem (as it were I waited for over a week for Tech Support to give me any assistance). As it was I had to just scroll through all of them to figure out the beginning number and ending number. I did sort by recently listed, but that did not work to put them in sequential order (they ended up in some groups in order like 123-130 then 148-160 then 131-147, but not in actual 123-160 order).

  • I'd like to bring this request up again. It would make things a lot easier when filling orders. Currently I'm filling a 1,000 stamp request for the same stamp. I have a few thousand of this stamp listed. I can narrow it down a little, but I'm still needing to jump around a lot. If they were in order, I could simply pull a page of listed stamps located in one box and then delete the entire page at one time. Currently to make things easier, I need to skip listed stamps in order to pull only those in a particular box and then individually close those listings. Adding this feature won't help with this order, but the buyer plans to order the remaining 4,000 stamps later this month.
  • John E.
    Try downloading a Sales summary in the Reports section. With a little deft deleting to make it readable you can sort by the private id column. I use this method to transfer all the info I need to a picking ticket that is easy to read and in Location/Stock order.
  • I started out by using the report feature, but then realized that won't help much. While this allowed me to pull the stamps faster, I didn't have an easy method to delete them. So I went back to opening a selected number of listings and then visually selecting those located in a particular box. I can then pull and delete. Unfortunately I might have a 2 or 3 of the same type stamp in an envelope and must go back to the same envelope when those stamps appear later in the open item list.
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