The APS is sponsoring the first-ever CHATTY AWARDS to recognize the best purveyors of philatelic virtual classes presented online in the past year.

Our own Ted Tyszka is nominated in the category 'Digital Philately' for his super-helpful video on "Creating a Philatelic Channel". It is only one of the many great videos Ted has produced, but it looks like they wanted to nominate each person just once and picked the category in which the award seemed most appropriate.

You can vote for Ted on the special APS CHATTY AWARDS voting page at Ted's category appears about halfway down the page. A link is provided to this particular video of Ted's so you can easily watch it if you haven't already seen it.

Voting ends on Jan. 31 - less than 2 weeks away! Help Ted win this much-deserved award for his generous body of work and the smiles he's given us!




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