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I would find it extremely useful to have the items in my watch list that are sold (and currently just vanish) be listed in a separate ledger (previously watched but sold)
I spend a lot of time finding stamps and putting them in my WATCH LIST, but I don't always buy them immediately. I am frustrated that my efforts are wasted as the watched items suddenly disappear.
I find I have to list in my CART in order to preserve the information, but this is a misuse of the cart, as I may not want to buy the item yet, but may at a later time.
I find I have to play games. (time consuming). I have to remove the items from the cart to close a purchase, then resave them in the cart in order to preserve my work and have a record, and not have the info vanish for good should someone else buy them.
Could watched items that are sold be LISTED IN A SEPARATE PALCE, so that one could review what is no longer listed, but may still be sought after! How about a Watched, but Sold file?


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  • Isn't that kind of the point of watching an item? Those items are subject to prior sale, or withdrawal buy seller for example and they go "poof" and vanish. There is a difference between watching and buying. Maybe I'm a bit confused as to what you want to do and to what end.
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    You can already do exactly that. At the top-left of your Watch List, where it says Filter by: "Open Listings" just click on the drop-down menu and select "Closed Listings".
  • Awsome. Thanks Mark
  • Actually Mark, there is a SOFTWARE BUG. It displays only the first page of closed listings. Attempting to watch more reverts back to open listings and it stops displaying the rest of the closed items.
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