Closed item sort only displays the first page.

Mark, I followed up on your instruction: ""You can already do exactly that. At the top-left of your Watch List, where it says Filter by: "Open Listings" just click on the drop-down menu and select "Closed Listings".""

Actually there is a SOFTWARE BUG. It displays only the first page of closed listings. Attempting to watch more reverts back to open listings and it stops displaying the rest of the closed items.

Also, a question for clarification. Does it display only sold items or does it display all item you had before in your watch list (I am curious about what happens to watched items from sellers who suddenly disappeared, or item removed by sellers for whatever reason. Are the watched listings still preserved, as I may want to find the same stamps elsewhere?



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  • We'll take a look at this.

    It displays either Open Listings or Closed Listings. If an item sells and has more than 1 quantity, it would still be an Open Listing. If an item sells and has 1 quantity, it would be a Closed Listing - along with items closed for any other reason.
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