Font size and color of the "Free Shipping" notation

I recently added a free shipping option to my store. I recently received a comment from a repeat buyer who told me he didn't notice the new free shipping option on his most recent purchase because the font was too small and in a light color. Example attached. Would it possible to make the free shipping option font and color stand out more? I think this might incentivize some buyers to build on their orders if that "popped out" better. Maybe a bright color in a bold font. Just a suggestion.Screenshot 2021-01-23 135031


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  • The colors and sizes of fonts on this site are standardized by people in their 20s. They don't have to worry about cataracts and other eye issues that older people have that make it difficult to see well. Funny, since the average age of a stamp collector is over 60.
  • Yessir Michael, you are right and I agree that even I can't see as well as I used to, but when a potential buyer has trouble with it (many of whom face the same kind of issues), I thought that a font and color that might be more clear would help. Bold black font would be best in consideration of colorblindness. Free shipping gets folks attention I think. I would like that to "POP" so to speak.
  • Colour, or perhaps more properly the lack of , is an issue that has been floating around since the Stampwants Days if my feeble memory is correct and the colours remain the same. As management ages perhaps things will improve but I doubt if I will still be around when that happens.
  • I have written code for basic websites before and the change to the stylesheet (or whatever code is used) for the fonts on the pages are very simple to do.
  • The code is simple, but it is a matter of what does the code call for on other pages and actions. This is not a basic website. You don't know how intertwined everything probably is. Change one thing, and something else somewhere goes buggy.

    Dennis, you're correct with the color issue since the beginning.
  • You're right, no argument here, but it really shouldn't be that difficult. Those stylesheets if I remember correctly only are called on by certain pages so they shouldn't affect any but the ones they are called upon.. That's why one uses stylesheets rather than every page individually.
    Anyway...what do I know? Probably not enough. I just think it would be a worthwhile effort from a marketing standpoint, especially if buyers are commenting on it.
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