French Miscut Die-Cut Stamp

In working through some France kiloware recently, I came across a self-stick stamp with an error I had not previously encountered. Issued in 2013, this is one of multiple designs present in this issue. The die-cut appears to have shifted downward towards the right side of the stamp.


A second stamp in the same handful of kiloware had the same issue, but to a much less noticeable degree.


There were a number of other stamps from the same issue, but of different designs, also present in this batch of kiloware. They did not have any noticeable issues with their die-cuts.

Has anyone ever seen this with die-cut self-adhesive stamps before? I have not in working with large amounts of German and United States self-stick stamps.

Not asking if it is worth anything; it is only a freak and not valuable. Just presenting this as something out-of-the-ordinary and somewhat interesting.

If interested is purchasing either of these stamps, they can be found in my store linked below.


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  • You might consider submitting them to Linn's Stamp News. As you say, probably not valuable, but an interesting perf shift, nonetheless, that they might find worthy of writing up in an issue.
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