Opera Browser Problems?


Does anyone here use Opera as their browser? For the past week strange things are going on with this site when viewed through Opera. The roll over feature for images no longer works. Invoices cannot be printed. Now when I tried to create a new store listing from a unsold auction lot, the page that follows the one where you state store or auction, came up as if it were an auction, not a store listing. Firefox works OK, so I am thinking the browsers last update may have done something or the site isn't really coded for Opera and the fact that it has worked this long in Opera , I should be happy! Just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing weirdness with a browser that most do not use


Note - I am using WIN7


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    Sorry, Greg -- I am also a Win7 user, but use Chrome 99% of the time, and Firefox when for some reason Chrome doesn't work on a particular site.

    So I'm here to commiserate, but have no specific suggestions. Hopefully someone else will come along soon with that combo and can offer some advice.
  • Thanks Phil. I suspect it is Opera as I am having roll over and display problems on ebay as well. With ebay though it seems to be an issue that occurs usually when they are asking for a password as you can only stay logged on for 2 days. Here, you never get logged off. Maybe I will try logging in and out of the site to see if that does anything
  • Did you try re-installing the program. After a recent Win10 update, Microsoft Office wouldn't even open. You'd think Microsoft could avoid that situation. After I reinstalled, it works fine.
  • I recently did an update with AVG tune up and did a scan. I then realized that the update was crap because all of my bookmarks became dead. You can do a restore on windows to an earlier time to get rid of the update and it should work okay. The companies that do the the IT work usually have a bunch of IT idiots working because they do not want to pay for professionals to do a proper job like testing in the sandbox before issuing an update. That is the way they used to do it but not anymore.
  • Thanks for the ideas. The issues on this site are mild compared to ebay, but for the issues on ebay all I need to do is close and reopen the browser and it clears it up. Whenever you see browsers listed that a site supports, you never see Opera. I don't know why that is. I don;t think though this is a site problem, it is an Opera problem. A lot too has to do with security. I've seen unusual things happen with Opera and security including not being to access sites that Firefox can. I get a warning msg, and sometimes can get into the site, sometimes not.
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