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israel stamp

Oh help me, please.
I have found this stamp listed as a perf, Scott # 552. But as you can see this is an Imperf stamp. Also, the demonination and writing at the bottom is in white and not yellow.

Does anybody have any idea of the Scott #, or where I might be able to do further research?



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  • Hi Luree,
    I do not believe this to be an actual valid for postage item. It is a Poster Stamp (a cinderella). Arbor Day is a long time well established state holiday in Israel.. The Planting Girl is an established Logo for the holiday, preceeding Scott 552 which used it as a model. If you look closer you will see many other differences. The order of colors in the rainbow, number of bulbs in the flower cluster etc. The cover is postage paid, no adl. franking needed but the poster stamp adds an eye catching attraction & I am guessing a tie-in for the letters content, a request for a donation to a tree planting org. Dan
  • Thanks for the info, Dan.

    Some Cindy's are fun to play with!

  • I have a stamp I cannot find in Scott. But than I AM 77 years old, so that may be the reason.Cuba 1899
  • This is a Cuban revenue stamp, issued but likely not released because of the Spanish American War. It is listed in an ancient Forbin's 1915 catalogue. I found it on Stampchat.
  • Thanks a million, Rene!
  • I couldn't locate this Yemen stamp would anyone know the number?
  • Basic stamp is the low value of a 6 stamp set issued Nov 1965 by the "Mutawakelite Kingdom of Yemen" which Scott does not list. In May 1966 3 were overprinted with new values. Your stamp is one of these and the overprint also includes airmail. An online catalogue gives prices as $5.96 unused, $9.53 used. Seems a bit high!
  • Thank you Jerold!
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