Telegraph Revenue Fiscal Specimens Poster Stamps Discussions Thread (please stay on topic here) #3

Some interesting Parcel Stamps from the USA - Feel free to add similar material here or Discuss similar things that are on Topic for this Thread.


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  • the point is to ""Discuss and Share"" the subject of Telegraph Revenue Fiscal Specimens Poster Stamps Discussions Thread (please stay on topic here) I or others can ID or share info to also include Fantasy, locals, Proofs, Taxpaids, Charity seals Worldwide, state and local tax revenue stamps, perfin and precancels
  • How were these used? Were they put on shipping documents or actually on a parcel? What was the typical package for the carrier? Applied by the customer or by an agent? These are new to me, so forgive my basic questions.
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    Thanks I dont know or see a lot of info on these. I do know they also have a $1 denomination. none of the 3 are really scarce, imo. I would guess they are early 1960's? Please feel free to correct me on this. they were put on the package.14527
    I do have a large collection of the rare local parcel stamps Chain Deliveries. There is a lot more interest and info on them. and they came in about 60+ different includes paper/security stamps during the run of the company. The Parcel Air are still commonly found in stamp mixes but the older Chain Deliveries as seen below are not and are actually scarce.
  • Some chain Deliveries stamps- a lot more uncommon and collectible. The few i have were found in NY recently and was a small group of stamps someone saved from the 1930's on piece. The company went under in the 1940's i think.s-l1600 (3)
    a lot of Data exist on the types and varieties of them. New finds of this type of material are almost never.
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    These also came in other designs and the original stamps were under the name "Motor Post" pretty much the same design and very desirable. The company changed names to Chain Deliveries. the last of these is by far the most common of the stamps issued and come in 9 different denominations. on regular and safety underprint types. they are still found in mixes of stamps and really are fairly common in compare to the other older issueshyt
    notice the safety underprint on the 10c one. I suspect the denominations are for pounds of weight as it is common to see a mix of stamps on piece and i think this was to cover whatever weight the package was.
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    another design- notice plain back ground- these were the first issued after the name change1b

    These are a bit scarcer than the patterned background designs shown
  • Jerry.Burkhart. Did you really close your store? I enjoy looking at your unusual stamps. I like Cinderellas with political or propaganda messages. Come back.
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    Apparently so.

  • This is sad.
    You never know what kind of shit people are dealing with in their lives. Sometimes, a little chide is all it takes and the camel's back is broken.
    I don't know Jerry but I did buy some Central American revenue stamps from him that I was very happy with. Maybe he just wanted to be taken seriously. He posted pics of some cool stuff and invited discussion. He didn't even really try to push people to his store.
    So, Jerry, come back, you're missed.
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