Can use help in finding the country for this surcharged semi postal

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Cyrillic Semi Post

Thank you,



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  • Yugoslavia
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    Hi Marvin,
    Nice 'Teaser' here.. Try Yugoslavia B3 from 1921. Its confussing as you see the reference to The Wounded Croatian Soldiers Fund. Unless correctly translated, it will drive you bonkers looking all over the Balkins. The Surcharge however escapes me.
  • It is a Semi Postal converted to Postage
  • Dan I think you left out the Serbs and Slovenes from the inscription. You don't want to start another balkan war.
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    Heavens NO Harry... I accept 40 lashes. (& I need a refresher in spelling)
  • It is Yugoslavia Scott 17 . B1-3 were overprinted and used as regular postage.
  • Harry/Jerold, you win! It looks like it is #17

    Thanks all appreciate the help.

  • the last word on the bottom is Slovenja all text is written in kyrillic letters. This is still today in macedonia.The value of the overprint is Dinar. I have no plan in foreign stamps but can read some words in russian Langage as it is kyrillic i know a bit of it. Have luck everyone best regards from a newbie here :smiley:
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