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"For the name of the winner(s) send a stamped self-addressed envelope to:..."

Really? It's obviously not a secret, but why the anachronistic method? (Keeping the USPS in business?)


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  • Huh? This is a 'FEATURES REQUEST'??

    Context, please!
  • A winners list button or blog/forum announcement instead of having to send a SASE? That would be a new/improved feature, wouldn't it?

    (You don't need to shout.)
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    But your statement is not making any sense. Please explain what you mean. Who wants a self addressed envelope?
  • The only way to find out who won a HipStamp contest is to send them a SASE for them to use to send you the results. Sounded pretty 1950's to me, and not very "hip."
  • According to who? If you're talking about the 'Giveaways,' how about using the filter at bottom left that says 'closed giveaways.' Lo and behold, every winner of every giveaway is there. "Hip" enough? Are you computer "savvy" enough?
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