Set shipping on my new store.

15 years selling online and i have never seen a site so difficult just to set up item shipping and price for items. I will be selling FDC's and stamps. Shipping cost for FDC's will be the same for each one. Stamps also. I guess Hip doesn't have a go to line. Maybe I should sell just one item, HELP!!!!!


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  • There is a page when you are listing that lets you set S/H for each item. use a previously listed item and "Sell similar" and all that data you previously selected will follow right along. If selling a stamp and the S/H varies from your FDC;s just choose a stamp for your "sell similar": item. If selling a FDC use an FDC as your "Sell similar" item.

    I will admit it is the least intuitive site I have ever used as well. It has been that way since we got ourselves back from Stanley Gibbons. It used to not only be totally intuitive, there used to be one page where you could get any statistic you wanted with a couple of clicks in a coup[l of seconds rather than having to download dozens of csv's that now takes hours. I would gladly pay $10 a month or more just to get that one page back so I could see what was going on. So sad.
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