Need help. 1920s Reichsbahn stamps

I opened a hand me down collection. These are some 1920s postal stamps. They all appear to be new never hinged or mounted.


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  • Sorry, Having trouble uploading the pic
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    You are likely asking the question " do I have a hidden fortune discovered here?!" No, don't think so. But , if you are interested in enjoying the hobby your relative enjoyed., you can look up each stamp in the Scotts Catalogue and identify it. The era in German history, post WW1 inflation, the beginnings of the seedbed where the phenomenal destruction of the second world war came from, represented in those stamps. That is the language of the collector. And kudos to you, you have already used excellent descriptive language to say "new" (mint)., never hinged. Get an old Scotts World Catalogue at the library . Take your time and examine each one carefully.

    Here is a good online link :smile:

    And please avoid handilng them with your fingers, use stamp tongs.

    Very best of wishes, RB
  • Thanks Rene. I’m so very disappointed to here I do not have a new fortune lol.

    Do you have any guidance about my trouble uploading photos? I’ve tried from my iPhone and Dell laptop. Nothing seems to happen when I select the pic for upload.
  • I’m as lost as you are in the technical aspects of this site . I’d ask the site administrator.
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