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    NOW you tell me
  • Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    Our current times are oddly similar to the period of polarization that the Spellacians endured, not long before they suffered the fall.
    Forewarned is forearmed. The time is now.
    Send lawyers, guns, and money.
    The shit has hit the fan.
  • Churchill was correct. If only the people of the great city-state of Punctua had learned the hard lesson that befell the Spellacians. We, as a "modern" society, have a lot learn from both failed states. It certainly didn't help that the angry god Apostropheii was a vengeful and jealous god armed with the slings and arrows of outrageous and deadly punctuation marks.

    John, I did wonder what that smell was and where it came from today. There are a lot more fans and plenty of shit to hit them now though. Now, I know!!!!!

    I have plenty of lawyers and guns and never enough money though.
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    "What's for dinner?"

    Then there's "How was I to know, she was with the Russians too? HEY!"

    We miss you, Warren. You left us far too soon....

    I think, I think this is a great time for a Fog Cutter.
  • There was a time when a man's word was his punctuation mark
  • Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me!

    Woe, despair, and, agony on me, Deep dark depression and misery on me. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Just, saying.........
  • Stumpy was one of my favorites!
  • Where, oh where
    are you tonight?
    Why did you leave me
    here all alone?
    Well, I searched the world over, and I thought I'd found true love...
    You met another and pfffft! you were gone.

    He Haw, ya'll....
  • you just sorta stepped on my aorta, and mashed that sucker flat
  • In the news today, it was speculated that ETs might just be alien billionaires fleeing their planet.
  • That might finally explain all the new ETFs popping up in the market.
  • Oh sorry Greg. I forgot to respond to your inquiry regarding Spellacian culture. Well, the Wisconsin discussion group's focus was centered on how much of a pause was inferred by a comma and whether further refinement was warranted if one wanted to indicate greater pause: namely, should a bolder comma or, perhaps, multiple commas be used for that purpose? Much vocal disagreement ensued and soon the air was filled with all manner of keyboard characters being freely branished about. An extended pause followed to clean up the heavily littered airway, to which the secretary wrestled with on how to adequately enter into her minutes- bold exclamation or double exclamations. Anyway,,, that's the long and short of it.
  • Sounds like there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth about the topic. Nice!!!!!! I'll have to put some serious thought into the concept of bold, or multiple commas....,,,,interesting!
  • They are at it again....just saw this headline and it confused me...."Mom of 3 faces $163K COVID-19 hospital bill: 'Just get the vaccine'". I'm pretty sure they are missing something here, I just can't put my finger on it.....What could it be????? But I can easily understand why a mom of 3 faces would have such a high hospital bill. Hmmmm.
  • Just sitting here wondering. Was Ted's intent in starting this forum to create a playground for pesky off-topic posters, so as to corral them and divert them away from corrupting other forums? Is so, it was a noble attempt, albeit destined for failure. And now management is a bit hog-tied because of the participation and endurance of said forum. Had this been a Facebook post, surely Ted would have been scolded/suspended for incitement of philatelically inappropriate content by their Ministry of Truth. But, doggone it, this puppy has legs!
  • Hear tell of a reporter saying to Abraham Lincoln that he was two-faced, to which Abe responded "if I was two-faced do you think I would wear this one?" Now that's how you silence someone
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  • Or my absolute favorite quote:
  • I'm at a loss for words.....I just found out that the company that makes yardsticks won't be making them any longer!!!! What to do??????
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    Buy a meterstick?
  • Maybe get a condo or perhaps, stop measuring your yard?
  • I'm really lucky. I've got a real 4-foot yard stick! It was from a carpet store, made in the 1970s. I guess its a stick for a big yard.

  • Aside from football (linear), carpets (square), and dirt (cubic), who measures things in yards?
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    Landscapers (front and back)
  • Landscrapers are already responsible for cubist yards. But do they actually measure anything? Mine estimates. Which begs the question, "Are mines estimated in yards?" But who has a mine in their yard? West Virginians? I'm going back to my front yard.
  • Why are front and backyards not naturally measured in yards? Or why aren't our feet measured in feet? I'm just inching to know
  • Who measures things in yards? World War l historians....
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    I inherited this collection of yardsticks...what is it worth? and are there any valuable ones there? I think they are rare because they are really old. There is a new one ( mint?) but the paint is original? I saw it on eBay for a lot of money.... il_794xN.2355094027_5bdl
    I know, but I could not resist ( image provided).
  • That Ferguson is nice!!!!
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