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  • Mis amigos, estamos bien! I still cannot believe there are cucarachas on stamps..is that a topical potential? And i've never had a "soy marinara" , but it could be useful for the lactose intolerant.

    As a certified, bonafide, real deal Hispanic American, I laughed so hard at this line....
  • Sorry, Sr.: marinero, marinero. I am also not a jelly doughnut.
  • LOL ! Senor Phil
  • John, dude, for sure. Its like when you go "its offensive", I'm like offended that I'm offensive. Calling me out publicly is like hurtful John. I used to laugh at myself but now its not, like, funny. There I go again, John, upsetting you. Sorry man.
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    Ok,ok, I can see we now live in a hyper-sensitive time inwhich there can be reactionary response to playful banter; a crossing of a more tightly defined line, whereby accusations of such pronouncements of "racism" and the like are quick to fly about. So in an effort to diffuse any forum lynching, I recant, I self-flog, bad Ron. Heading now for a time-out in the corner of our philatelic room ..... again. (uh, thanks Greg for keeping the seat warm)
  • Lenke , you are a species unto thyself unique , witty and in bare control …. Forget it , cascading out of control most of the time … have fun my friend !!
  • My apologies as well. Never meant to be disrespectful. In any event, I have many others things to be upset about, so I'll focus on those. Ron, I've been sitting here al night. My wife put me in time-out because of my colorful elocutions when I got the package in the mail yesterday. She was so impressed she actually said she didn't think some of the words I used were actually words. :smiley:
  • And I have come to appreciate Maloney who cares deeply about being kind to all … good man
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    Maybe not, but they help me catch up on sleep after staying up late re-watching Ted's stamp talks ( and yes, I still forget my pants some days)
  • John Maloney is a solid as they come. Anyone who keeps a wild beaver as pet has my respect!
  • Right on, John.
    Ron, do me next.
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    In my electric shock therapy, they give me a zap every time I come up with a random, inappropriate thought/comment. I'm sore for days after a session. Pavlov would nod in approval as I now unconsciously wince thoughtout the day.
  • The image of John's wild beaver pet keeps gnawing away at me.
  • I really don't know if John has a pet beaver. I just think the visual of someone walking his wild pet beaver down the street in the evenings is funny. Kind of a "Naked Gun" moment.
  • mzpfwyku64g41
    John, I'm so jealous
  • The precursor to the "Naked Gun" movies was "Police Squad"...still one of the best 1/2 hour comedy shows of all time.
  • OMG! Leave it to Ron! I bet your high school teachers were thrilled to have you in their classes!!!!!
  • "Naked Gun" was a last minute fill-in for the panned National Geographic special "Naked Gnu" because of, well, compromising photos.
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    Ouch! corner?
  • I live in the corner. No condemnation from this direction. My teachers probably went and cried on the break room after having me in their class. Can't blame them.
  • image
    I don't have that pet beaver any more. He couldn't spell.
  • My two favorite high school teachers in HS were a World Culture teacher who rubbed snuff in class and an English teacher who didn't have a telephone.

    And I still define the word "socialism" the way Miss Dipetro taught me
  • HAHAHAHAHA! Is that a Tur-Duc-Beav?
  • No birds in that beaver, Greg. Potatoes, onion, celery, a green pepper. But you can stuff almost anything into a beaver.
  • Ouch! I just fell off my corner stool, and bonked my head. Looks tasty!! LOL!
  • 851811

    I like Ron.....
    But alas, perhaps I'm destined to become an Unperson if the cyptofascist cyberninjas from Facebook track me down ::(
  • Join with us! The last of the Spellacians and Punctuites! We will rise, again. All we need to do is track down the remnants of the great Paragraphian people.

    Here I geaux again! Paragraphia was quite the utopia for a time. They arose some time after the tragic and autumnal fall of Spellacia and Punctua. The people took the knowledge of the earlier civilizations and compounded it into fine sentence structure, spelling, focused thought, and, of course, excellent punctuation. Alas, the son of the great and vengeful god Apostropheii, himself a barely literate nincompoop named Drivel, couldn't understand a dang thing the Paragraphians were saying. He spent most of his time wandering the streets talking babble to himself since nobody could understand him until he found himself lost in the desert and had to eat cacti. Not that bright that Drivel. His dad was so disappointed.

    ..If there are any Paragraphians out there, please let us know
  • Um, Greg?
    Is it, "We will rise again,"? Or, "We will arise again,? Or maybe just, "We will rerise,"?
    Should we take a vote?
  • This just in:
  • Dunno John. Our English can be so irregular (which is why it's not advised to go on long hikes with them). Take, for instance, verb conjugation: ring, rang, rung - sing, sang, sung - ding, dang, dung
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