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Ron Lenke, I just got a HipMail saying you have 60 Commonwealth Stamps - Just for Me. Please check your past sales to me, to find the address to send them.

Thank you.


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    Wow - Ron always did like you better Luree :)
  • I have contemplated a response to your post John and have decided not to ask the obvious question. Instead, I will ask if you are indeed interested in Canadian stamps? LOL!
  • I leave you guys alone for 3 weeks and see what happens. Would you believe I went to Wisconsin to record the hatching of the 17 year cicadas? Neither would I. Anyway, Ted your stamps were mailed to a forwarding service in Nigeria. I glued the items to the outside of a large envelop to save 1st class parcel postage. You should receive them shortly with an inheritance deal you can't refuse. Oh oh Jeri, I seem to get you and Ted confused. Originally I mistakenly sent them to the White House thinking the GBs were meant for George Bush, but upon return all I got was a "com'mon man" reply. Luree, I have your penny and am just awaiting the 55c postage from you. Here it is: il_794xN.2156420696_4ngw
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    I have mixed feelings about animals (I know, I know - don't say it) because when I was young and first got on a horse, I was both nervous and excited until the horse started running and galloping so fast that I was sure I would fall off. I believe I might have unless the store clerk had come and unplugged the darn thing.
  • I have a similar feeling toward cars. I once locked my keys inside, and I was in quite a panic. I thought I would never get my wife out.
  • George...I swear, I didn't know that was your house. I thought it was Ted's!!!!! But the real reason I was running is because Mouse saw me and thought I was going to play chase with him. Oh, and you're out of coffee. Mwhaaaahahahaha!!!!! I yell as I run away!!! MOUSE!!!!!!! OWWWW!!!!

    And thanks for being my getaway driver Ron! I really appreciate the lift!

    Just kidding.....:{)
  • That's a good one eh.

    "Commas are important.... No more tequila! or...No, more tequila!" I have an advanced degree in Punctuation. Did my dissertation on uncommon but important usages of commas. Published in the New England Journal of Punctuation (NEJP).
  • Koala: Eats shoots and leaves.
    Bad dining customer: Eats, shoots, and leaves.
  • I got an email from HipStamp the other day. The subject line was, "Interested in beaver?" But it was about Canadian stamps.
  • Thanks for asking, Greg.
    Yes indeed, I am interested in Canadian stamps. I am looking for a nice used example of Canada #4 with four margins.
  • "Where in the world is Ron?"

    I believe I heard that he is dating Carmen Sandiego. They are off somewhere in the world avoiding Waldo.
  • Ahh, the earth is back on its axis again. Welcome back Ron.
  • Hi Ron, John had us all thinking you were off somewhere studying beavers.
  • I went to a therapist, once, and told him that ever since my wife's birthday she's been mad and hasn't spoken to me. The therapist said, "Maybe it's because you didn't buy her flowers." I told him, "To be honest, I didn't know she sold flowers."
  • One day I came home from work early and I see this naked guy running down my street so I pulled up to next him and yelled "Hey, Buddy, why are you doing that?"
    And he said "Because you came home early!"
  • Is, the comma, after "shoots", necessary, or not, or just, maybe? Think I is right 'cause I wuz an English majer, so I'm not dum.
  • Spaceandastronoystamps_usa03262
    Airplanes having sex? Guess they are running low on things to commemorate.
  • Hoo boy. Hope this doesn't offend the Disney topical folks out there....FB_IMG_1625697329673
  • I found this great exercise program today....I hope it works!!!FB_IMG_1626103865059
  • Just sitting here wondering. Was Ted's intent in starting this forum to create a playground for pesky off-topic posters, so as to corral them and divert them away from corrupting other forums? Is so, it was a noble attempt, albeit destined for failure. And now management is a bit hog-tied because of the participation and endurance of said forum. Had this been a Facebook post, surely Ted would have been scolded/suspended for incitement of philatelically inappropriate content by their Ministry of Truth. But, doggone it, this puppy has legs!
  • George Washington was noted for having wooden teeth, but did you know he also supplied them for his slaves? An early example of indentured servants.
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    If I ever found one I think I would experience poo phoria, and maybe become inspired to write a mystery book about its origins - kind of a "who dung it" theme
  • Or incorporate it into Clue: Ensign Enchilada, with a burrito, on the poop deck.
  • I knew that would happen. :neutral:
  • Apropos another thread: "Still get notifications of re-listing of items on my watch list long after removing them"

    I have a similar problem in my fantasy baseball team. I dropped a player weeks ago, but still get notifications saying "X is starting for the Y's today, but is not in your lineup."

    Duh, no kidding. :)
  • And please don't ask me to explain the connection of Carmen and the Canadian image.
  • LOL, welcome back.
  • It's good to see the lighter side of you guys. Ok, true story- While driving past a church in rural Wisconsin last week, I did a double take when reading their lawn sign saying "Free pancakes for first responders".....clever ;-)
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