Post a new listing/able to print an order

Am I the only store that cannot place a new listing item or able to print an order. This started about 3 hrs ago. Or does Hipstamp have a computer problem? What's up/


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    I started not being able to print an invoice earlier today. (On Windows 7, but using latest Chrome version.)

    Thanks for raising this. I thought it was just me. I haven't figured out a solution or workaround yet.

    Edited to add: I figuratively dusted off my copy of Firefox, and I *can* get it to print that way, although I'm not a fan of this workaround. Nevertheless, it'll get the invoices printed and orders out on Monday morning.
  • Yes, I'm having issues to, requests custom start time, when there is none, also images are not loading for me.
  • Often when an update to a browser is made, the programmers make changes to the print function. Those running web sites have to then go in and change the print application in the site so that printing is possible using the browser. Since programmers like to change their stuff all the time (Fire Fox is now on version 88), it can be a nightmare for web sites to have to play catch up every other day.
  • Being I am not a computer person, how can I fix problems created by others. It is frustration when I cannot do what I need to. And am getting further behind.
  • What browser are you using?
  • Hi,

    I understand how these can be frustrating. We encourage sending a direct message to our team at if you are still experiencing any technical issues with using our site so we can investigate in more detail.

  • My email was rejected due to problems at Hipstamp. What can I do to contact hipstamp. My store is bllss....My orders still will not print. Larry
  • Have you tried hitting the "Need Help" popup on every page and sending them a message with details on your issues?
  • It would be nice if it was still there on my computer.
  • To Anj Staff, Please forward this email to someone who can solve these problems.
    support@ecommerce states "site in repair".
    Phone to the Mark: "Mail box is full".
    "Need help" no longer on my computer.
    " Help" is worthless. No place to state anything like my and others problem.
    "Contact Us" does not work.
    As stated earlier, images can not attach to a listing entry.
    The "print" area on an order does nothing.
    Images on the giveaways have no large image.
    There are other problems.
    Please help by sending this email to someone who can help solve these problems
    I am Larry of
  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????
  • May I get an update???????????
  • Hi Larry,

    I understand your frustration. We've taken a look into these and they appear to be isolated issues.

    We have sent a message directly to your email to help you with these difficulties. In the future, if you wish to follow up on your email, simply reply to the same thread or send us a new message at

    Hip Support

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    Larry - It looks like you have our email address wrong. I'm not sure what "support@ecommerce" is, but our support email address is: ( also works). Alternatively, you can head to our help section and click on "Contact Us" and follow the online form, or from any page on our website outside of the forums, you can click on the "Need Help?" option at the bottom right of every page.
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    Bottom left at least on this page...

    By the way, the CONTACT US link on this page goes to the online GET HELP, it does not go to the CONTACT US page.
  • On other pages, the CONTACT US is on the bottom left, and it does not go to the CONTACT US page, it goes to online help. Someone making changes without testing to make sure things weren't changed to wrong way.

    SO, evidently Firefox has made another change (I hate programmers constantly changing and screwing up thing, including phone apps), and the print function here no longer works with Firefox. It works with Chrome.
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    That is correct that it does not go directly to be able to submit a ticket, however if you click on contact us, if you click on one of the 3 boxes that were set up to direct you to the type of help your looking for. You have to click one of the questions, (And yes you may have to click through a few pages to get there.) and on the answer page is a big orange box that says STILL NEED HELP, click on that box and it will give you the contact Hipsupport form.

  • And I thought the objective in web age design is to limit the number of clicks/pages a user has to make to do something, unless of course the web site doesn't want you to get to something and hopes that you give up..
  • Actually the most likely explanation is the fact that Hipstamp spent so much time and effort writing up the questions and answers that many people were asking and Hipsupport was having to take time to answer those same questions over and over again. It appears that Hipstamp set that up that way because too many people were using the contact us button FIRST before using the help menu and Hipsupport wasn't able to get to the questions like the ones above in a timely fashion because they are answering too many of the same questions that they have already written the answers out for.

    Think about it say Hipsupport were to get 30 tickets and you're the 30th ticket, do you really want Hipsupport to have to answer 28 questions about what the fees are, whether or not a seller has to collect sales tax, etc, before they ever get to the tickets that need to be dealt with because there is no answer in the help menu?
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    So, it's just another Help button cleverly disguised as a Contact Us button!
  • Michael,

    Do you really think that Hipstamp wants to avoid dealing with technical issues that directly affect the buying and selling on Hipstamp, when Hipstamp makes most of their money off of people being able to buy and sell? With the way you have it stated there it sounds like you think that Hipstamp doesn't want you to report technical issues that affect THEIR bottom
    line also. Can you please explain how it's in Hipstamps best issue for Hipstamp to try to get someone to give up on reporting a technical issue that affects the buyers, the sellers and Hipstamp itself? That makes no sense at all.

  • Click "Need Help" Click "Send us a message" could it be any easier?
  • I must have the newest updated version of hip stamps. The help and contact us button ends up at the same location which is a dead end. I have searched throughout the website for more than a month now and have not been able to post a question or a message to the support group. For the last several years it was very easy to contact hip stamps and get a response apparently the update has eliminated that contact feature
  • See my postings above. I switched to "microsoft edge" and so far all my above problems have been solved. What ever hipstamp did to "new and approve" their website seems to have made (for me) "firefox" incompatable.
  • Well that sucks because I have not used MS for years. If they will not recognize Fire Fox I will have to find some other venue because eBay sucks big time.
  • I thought I was up and running yesterday and placed a few new listings on Hipstamp. Today all those that I went to the effort to enter are NOT there. Glad I didn't enter any others.
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