Where can I find a buyers feedback

Reason over the last year I have lost only 4 items in the post all to Singapore (strange ???) & now sold another to Singapore so I need to peruse the buyers feedback.


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  • Go into your list of orders. The buyer's name will be at the top, with his feedback number following the name. The feedback number is clickable, with the result being that person's feedback with the most recent at the top. If the person has any negative feedback, you will just have to scroll through all of his feedback responses to find it - you can't just bring up the negative feedback by itselt.
  • Thanks,I cannot get the feedback but they have plenty so must be OK.All the lost ones were from ebay who could not care less about sellers.
  • Problem is that most feedbacks given by sellers are made as the order is shipped. So if something happens after you'll never know from feedbacks.
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