What is the expectations from the seller if an item was lost during the shipping process?

Is the expectation is to refund the buyer? or do what? during the COVID-19 limited air travel a number of normal postage mail was lost!
I am unsure of the process on Hipstamp.

I would appreciate your comments


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  • I'm just a 71 year old buyer - I expect a refund -if small in dollar even at my age i wouldn't claim non-receipt - if expensive stamps like ebay allows, if possible add xtra $ for ship and send so you can trace or whatever - also if "buyer" does more tnan once - cut him off and post he does this if hs allows
  • There is no question in my mind that the buyer deserves a refund. If a sufficient amount of time has passed, I issue a refund (including shipping) as soon as I hear from the customer. The postal service does not guarantee delivery on any
    type of mail except the very expensive Priority Express. It is the sellers responsibility to get the purchase to the buyer. As a seller I am admitting that I do not know IF the package will ever arrive by using USPS. I have to take ownership of that and make an immediate and full refund. By the same token if a customer does this more than once or twice, I'll report that person to Hipstamp.
  • Total agreement with Wayne, altho since I started selling stamps in 1985 I can only remember maybe half a dozen "lost" orders. You say "a number of orders were lost". was this shipments within the US ?
  • We have always issued a full refund to our Customers. No questions asked (well, depending on the time since the order was placed, we may request to hang on for a week or 2 due to Covid & the Postal System right now). Things do take a little longer to arrive to their destinations.
  • I just had a customer message me that he had only received 1 of 2 envelopes I had sent from the same Post Office at the same time. I asked a customer to wait another since the Post Office has been having delivery problems. He waited just over a week and said he had not received the other envelope. I refunded his money and half the shipping charge. That was about a week ago. I received a message today that the second envelope had arrived an was postmarked April 8. He said he would send a check tomorrow. I told him to just keep the stamps gratis for the problems he had. This tells me the Post Office is still having problems.
  • I just got a return to a US address with a sticker has "Non deliverable / Non Existent Address" This took 7 weeks to get back to Canada. I contacted the buyer, which I had mailed several orders in the past with success. The address was still valid, I mailed it back...and it took a week to get there.
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