Why Hipstamp does not allow the seller to view buyers who did not provide feedback?

It would be beneficial id the seller can see Alistair of orders with outstanding feedback.


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  • If the seller can view sold orders with outstanding feedback
  • I am not sure I understand the reason behind this request?
    The buyer is not obligated to leave feedback and in general feedback is left in a little over 50% of the transactions. What would I do with a list of some 16,000 transactions that have not left feedback for me?
  • Here, Here Michael! I second that too. (Oh, and I figure we get around 56% feedback too). But for those who do leave us our feedback, we sure do appreciate what we are able to read! Some are fantastic, wonderful stories!!!
  • If the buyer is not willing to provide feedback, then they so not deserve to receive feedback. This is a reciprocal matter! The feedback means a lot for the buyers and the sellers.
  • "This is a reciprocal matter!"

    No, it is not. Once I pay the invoice, my obligation is fulfilled. If you want feedback, earn it.

    If you leave negative feedback because I didn't leave you any, consider me an ex-customer.

    I don't pay much attention to my feedback, but no one has refused my money (so far).
  • When I walk out of Walmart or Publix no one asks me to leave feedback. Why should I expect it from my customers at Hipstamp. My feedback at Walmart is going back or standing in line at Customer Service. Feedback numbers seem to do more good for the website's marketing than much good for the seller.

    Virtually every seller asks customers to contact them directly if they have a problem. Negative feedback feels good but the problem is still there. Dealing with it one on one feels better and solves the problem. After that is the time for feedback if the buyer or seller feels it's needed.
  • When a customer returns to my store for more purchases, It’s the only feedback I need, if they have a problem they will contact me so I can resolve it. If they decide to leave a negative feedback without contacting me, they are no longer a customer and I move on.
  • ..... I try to leave feedback, sometimes I forget...but much of it is 'autofil' because it's quicker and easier...it's kind of like a 'participation trophy' if it's obligatory. In one thousand transactions , there is usually one person who has a genetic or personality disorder that urges them to leave bizarre and negative feedback. I look for frequency as a red flag, but expect most sellers with thousands of sales to encounter "that guy" who just seems like they are always recovering from hemorrhoid surgery.
  • ...or haven't had it yet.
  • An elective procedure????
  • Didn't think bout that but that's still elective isn't it? If I can just find a volunteer to hold the mirror!!!! LOL!
  • Its only elective to those that don't need one...
  • Ahhhh...the distinction is subtle but apropos.
  • The seller's feedback reaffirms the fact that the seller is a reliable trust worthy person, who is doing the right thing to make ensure customer's satisfaction, it is also a sign of trust in this seller.

    The buyer's feedback is also appreciated on the buyer's profile, e.g. when sellers indicate prompt payment, or good communication etc. this is a sign that you are dealing with a responsible buyer.

    The argument is rhetorical, every seller will have a different point of view. As a buyer, I always check the sellers feedback before I purchase online, negative feedback is a sign of inefficiency! It is perceived as a message for the buyer to simply prevent a transaction with this particular seller. I see that feedback on Ebay and other sites are taking much more seriously compared to Hipstamp.

    How would you know if the buyer received the items or not, if you do not receive feedback? Do you assume that the buyers have received your items, therefore they are quite, satisfied and do not need to provide feedback? This is almost the equivalent of operating in dark!

    I am a new seller on Hipstamp, only 6 months so far, I need to ensure that I am doing the right thing. I was worried that the letters posted during Nov, Dec and Jan where lost, due to the lack of feedback. I decided to follow-up with the buyers to ensure that they have received their items, this was triggered by feeling responsible for lost items if any. I found that most of the Hipstamp buyers do not reply to follow-up emails!

    I never lost one single letter that was posted locally in South Africa or international for the last 12 years! But the international standard mail is currently unpredictable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. My letters to the US and the UK are taking two months on average, this is not what I was used to previously (two to three weeks).

    I guess this is a good discussion. Your contribution would be appreciated.
  • Although I agree to the value of feedback to some extent, some comments I feel need to be made.

    "I see that feedback on Ebay and other sites are taking (sic) much more seriously compared to Hipstamp." I agree that fewer buyers here leave feedback for sellers than on eBay, but if you think feedback scores are taken more seriously over there, you clearly haven't spent much time on other message boards. On eBay, its a piece of cake to have one's feedback artificially inflated. This can be done by straw purchases, for example. Stores on eBay are regularly sold to other sellers. The buyers of these stores may be miserable actors, suddenly finding themselves shielded by the previous owner's good feedback score via this purchase. More games are played behind the scenes than we'll ever find out about.
    Although I find the lack of feedback left by buyers here to be somewhat vexing (you're right, I'd like to know if a lot I sold arrived safely), what I find even more irritating are sellers who don't leave feedback for buyers after the buyer fulfilled their obligation, by paying, in effect holding feedback as hostage pending on what the buyer does.
    Since buyers and sellers are protected by PayPal's policies (buyers more than sellers), the value of feedback becomes further diluted, another reason many don't bother.
    Also, there is a small population of cranky buyers who will leave neutral or negative feedback for a seller because they don't like the seller's shipping fees albeit they saw them as they evaluated the lot they bought. They do this regardless of how the transaction went and how pleased they are with their new item(s).
    Yes, feedback has its uses, but it is far from the panacea and courtesy it was likely designed to be.
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