What does BIN stand for in stamp listings?

What does BIN stand for in the stamp listings?


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  • Usually refers to low value items with limited information being supplied. I have also seen it used when a stock picture is used rather than the actual item for sale.
    If you go to the details tab then there is usually a definition of what is meant by BIN
  • Buy It Now...BIN
  • It's eBay terminology - BIN means it is a "buy it now" sale - with or without the option to make an offer. On eBay sales are either auction or BIN.
  • I use "BIN" on some of my listings to tell me where the items are located. These are items that are too large to fit in my 104 card file drawers. I also use other letters now and then to indicate items that I am selling on consignment for someone else. Those letter codes help me speed up the packing process.
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