Poor Addresses on HipStamp

Have other sellers had problems with the poor addresses on hipstamp?
There seems to be no standard of addressing. I have streets and PO Boxes in the same address, and foreign addresses are even worse in their presentation. Addresses are often incomplete, in the wrong order, no capitalization, etc.


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  • Go to the official Paypal address - that is where it has to be mailed to if you want to protect yourself in a Payppal dispute anyway.
  • Thanks Carol. I'll try that.
  • I've had a lot of address problems from buyers, e.g. Apt # left off (then gets returned to me as undeliverable); town left off or misspelled, incorrect zip code/post code. I hate when someone in the UK sends me their address in all lower case letters. Post codes on the wrong line can be a problem. US sorting machines need to have the post code on the last line at the end. Korean addresses are the worst (six or seven lines and very long).
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