How bout some good news!!!

I just felt like saying something about my customers. You all are the best! While I've been fiddling around with my little store for almost a year now (and without much, ok any, help from my cat Bentley!) I can count on one hand the number of folks I've had any issues with and they were minor and fixable. I've made several new friends through this endeavor and really enjoy chatting with you on occasion. My wife asked me the other day why I'm doing this and I just told her...I have fun doing it and it makes me happy. She said...ok then and went back to her quilting.

Anyway, you all are great and I really enjoy helping you all build your collections and, selfishly, it gives me a chance to work with a lot of cool stamps although I'll never see them again. I can't thank you all enough for giving that chance.

Thank you!!!!!!


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  • Second the motion, Greg!
    I've been "in the business" off and on for 40+ years and I have never had as much fun as now.
    Whether it's to make a living or just have fun, being a stamp dealer is ideal.
    There are MANY more nice, friendly people here than the occasional pain. I love them all!
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