Does stamp contain any visible crease?

I am getting very frustrated with stamps marked MNH OG and fail to state that the stamp has a significant crease. I've got 3 this week. I guess that is what I get for buying stamps where the dealer only takes pictures of the front. Sigh....


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  • Clint, you always have the option of asking the seller for a scan of the back of the stamp.

    I for one will always be happy to get that scan, as I post just the front. But the description says there is a fault.

    Communication is important, so just ask and usually the seller will send you a scan of the back.
  • I also only scan the front and provide back scans when requested. Perhaps the crease was overlooked. You should contact the seller if unhappy. They will probably make an adjustment with you. Depending on the value of stamp, I will provide a full refund and tell them to keep the stamp for postage.
  • Getting 3 in one week would be odd - you are talking creases, right - not "gum breakers". Just wanting to make certain as I had a customer swear that all my 3 cent commemoratives had "creases".
  • I once told a woman her nylons were wrinkled. She huffed "I'm not wearing nylons". Referring to topic at hand, I find as my creases increase my sales decrease.
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    I swear Ron was going to say easy fix break out the old iron steam setting and the creases will come out in a jiffy.
  • To be helpful for once (I hope), I've sometimes placed a stamp on a soft surface (such as a mouse pad) and run the backside of a tong's leg first on the printed side then flipped over and along the backside to relax the curl such action creates. It has often helped lessen creases and other minor gum appearances. Having confessed my sin, I await the purists ire - probably those whom eschewed clearasil when growing up, rather choosing a natural look.
  • The Rule of Three – The rule suggests that when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things.
  • Thanks for the feedback. These are clearly significant creases. I will ask for a scan of the backs when needed. thank you.

  • Interesting idea Andrew. It beats my earlier attempts to relax those unwanted slight folds with crisco. While partially successful, I eventually had to cease since it was hard to de-grease the crease.
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    "Does stamp contain any visible crease?"
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    "No hinge?"
  • Agree with Carol, sometimes creases are gum skips, or gum ridges..(see below) but creases come in all degrees. the point is that he bought the stamps sight unseen except for the digital image...which is very imperfect. Send them back if dissatisfied for sure...but i would not assume dishonesty at all. AND communication is KEY here.
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    Gum skips
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