WWI "win the war" cancel (1917)

Anybody want this?


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  • I mean, does anybody *here* want this? (Trying in vain to forestall smart-alecky replies.)
  • I am presuming that Ron's thumb up signifies he wants it. If not, I would gladly accept it.
  • Nice slogan cancel. It is #PS1 (Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue). This was the first slogan cancel used in Newfoundland. Period of usage was from February 6, 1918 to January 3, 1919. It is valued at around $25 USD on cover with a stamp of course.
  • Respectfully, but based on your information, the cancel on the cover is associated with an American cancel ( Boston) in 1917 , December . So it’s probably not from Newfoundland .
  • John, if you e-mail me your street address I'll send this item along to you.
  • Thank you Doug. I messaged you my address on HipStamp.
  • Rene

    I agree that the Boston Cancel needs some investigation and we would probably need the complete cover. Here is a Newfoundland cover with the slogan and appropriate CDS.

  • The image does show the complete cover (minus the US stamp), a very tiny one, about three inches by 2 and a half.
  • John, not seeing your message. Try douglasbriscoe@gmail.com.
  • Thanks Robert, see what you mean...BUT although the slogan cancel look similar, both date and country call into serious question whether its a Canadian item.
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    Am I the only one to notice that the bars of the cancel would be underneath the missing stamp (unless part of the stamp was torn off, which could be, judging by the darker coloration of the cover within the bars, compared to the stamp area above it)?
  • I think the tear at the top makes the clean area appear larger than the stamp. The stamp did not cover the cancelation, it was just not applied straight.
  • Telltale sign of a canadian slogan is the "a" at the end
  • I always thought it was, "eh?"
  • I think John,s correct,,,,,eh! That reminds me,,,,,I need to dig out my copy of "Strange Brew". I haven,t watched that one in a long time,,,,eh!
  • Thank you Doug!
    Glad you gave me the accompanying story. It's wicked cool.
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