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These changes affect how information of prior (to new listings format) are displayed using PayPal's Packing Slip". The item/s description (now "Name" is crushed into an area of about 5/8x5/8 inches and "Description" is now "n/a". This, in my opinion, renders the PayPal Packing Slip as COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE & UNUSABLE for ALL legacy and new (?) listings. I'm deeply disappointed with this new structural process and interface with PayPal.


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  • We have not made any changes, nor do we have any ability to make any changes, that would affect PayPal's Packing Slip. We have always sent the name of each product listing to PayPal, and no extended description. If PayPal has recently changed their Packing Slip from showing name only to now showing name and description (even if the description is blank), this would be an item you would need to discuss with PayPal. It's not anything we have any control over in any way.
  • I gave up with PayPal's packing slip a long time ago. If you use FireFox, forget it. I print the invoice from my store here. It prints just fine. I use that as my packing slip.
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    So do I, Michael. Works just great. And you can add a brief message on that invoice.
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