Printer flaw.

Any premium value for this sort of thing? Can403ucr
What would a respectable dealer reasonably ask for such a precious gem?


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  • If you're talking about the white stripe, it cuts across the cancelation, too, doesn't it?
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    Is the question , can painting a white stripe to imitate an ink skip be miraculously applied after the cancel ?
  • Might be a pre printing fold soaked to expand - more common than you think because few people bother. Spectacular folds on classic US bring some pretty hefty sums, but if you look at a lot of "creases" on common stamps this is what you get
  • If it is a genuine paperfold, it is only a freak, and not much of a premium would apply.
  • Thanks one and all (and an extra thank you to Rene Bravo for the chuckles).
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