Selecting Multiple Photos for Listing

When creating a listing, is there a way to select multiple photos for that listing at one time? Currently, I am only able to click and load each photo individually, but that is rather time-consuming.


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  • There are a couple of ways that I use on a Windows PC::
    When selecting the images, hold the control button down and click on each of the image files you want to include in the listing.
    If the required images are in sequential order then you can select the first and last image holding the shift key down and that will select all images in between.
    One thing to watch out for when selecting multiple images is that they may not appear in the listing in the order that you would like. You can however move the images around, once they are loaded, to put them in the order you desire.
    Hope this all makes sense!
  • The "old" listing format would let me select multiple images then allow me to sort by drag and drop. The "new" listing format appears to only allow for listing one image at a time. It is time consuming.
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    I see your pain, I had not tried the new listing format as I mostly list using existing listing or bulk lister.
    You do have the option to switch back to the classic listing format at the top of the page and then you can use the information in my previous posting.
    I assume that HipStamp wants to make it as difficult as possible to add additional images in order to save on storage space.
    Maybe Mark could comment on what magic is needed to use the new listing format and easily add multiple images to a listing
  • Thanks for the help Michael and Greg! I do like the new listing format better except for the fact that I can't select multiple photos. Maybe their philosophy is "If we make it perfect from the start, then we can't improve it later."?

    Thanks Again!
  • Well my initial reaction to the new listing format was not that positive but as I have used it more and more, it has grown on me....mostly. The ability to post multiple images is a true PITA though. Maybe I'm missing something but I have used it enough now to say that it will only allow one image at a time. Not fun when posting back scans or multiple pages of images, etc. Oh well,,,,,, (commas!)
  • The new listing format is horrible.
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