I´m sorry but the prices or the portuguese stamps are very very very unreal. what's goin on? Are you crazy?


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  • I must be. What is this all about and to whom are you referencing?
  • May Day, May Day !! The perimeter has been breached ! The crazy are coming … Vintage , Antique , Super Rare stamps from the 1940s … I found them and they’re SO valuable !!!!!
  • Classic! (Pun intended).
  • I don't understand, the OP didn't use any commas at all, Oxford or otherwise. Confusing, and difficult to read..
  • Greg, I have to ask... what is your fascination with commas??? (See what I did there; hope that helps).
  • It's a long, long, long story. No particular fascination. I just seemed to end up as the comma guy. I think Maloney is the apostrophe guy and maybe DeKornfeld was the semi-colon dude. Can't remember. See the "if you hate silly chatter..." thread in the Chatter section. All will become much less clear but it will explain what happened to the Punctuite people of the ancient land of Punctua. Enjoy!
  • I especially like the leading apostrophe, as in 'til or 'scuse.
  • AH, in that case, I'm the "Double Space after period guy". :)
  • Ladies and gentlemen,,,,we have a new player!!!!!
  • NOW; We got ourselves; a show !
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    Mr. Payton,
    Please put your terminal period inside the quotation marks. Otherwise the language council will require me to issue a citation.
    Thank you for your cooperation,
    The English Cop
  • My apologies Cappy! I forgot you're in charge of the ultimate end of a proper sentence. Someone has hyphens covered too but again,,,,I have forgotten who that specialist is. And, to attempt to answer the OP's question, and quoting the great Billy Joel, "I might be crazy" (period!). Punctuites rule! Babble drools!
  • . . . I have dibs on . . . ellipses . . .
  • You got 'em! We should move this back to the other thread and see if we can set a new record,,,,just "saying".
  • Oh, you're killing me now... I'm so torn, can I change my mind?!!?!??!
  • Nyet!!!! That's Russian for kneaux, which is Cajun for no. You're either in or out. No, middle, ground....!:) Long live the Punctuites! Oh, I forgot...they are a lost civilization thanks to the vengeful god Apostropheii due to his slings and arrows of outrageous exclamation points. Dang him!!!
  • Periods are where sentences go to die.
  • Ed....Zachry.
  • Dear god it's nice to be in a place where I fit in. (Double space).
  • I'm going over to the Silly Fun Chatter channel to reconnoiter.
  • Wow, and, I missed, all, of, that, Just, saying,
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