download my items via csv file, revise several fields, and upload the revised file

Can I download my items via csv file, modify several info. fields and upload the revised csv file? Over time I have tried to unify several fields such as stardize the title, standardize description, price, offer, shipping, and return fields. I have a sew thousand items and would like to standerdize several fields. Far too slow to do it one at a time. Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.


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  • If you utilize a column with your own Private_ID for each listing it is very easy. You simply download a csv file of the listings you want to revise, then upload the revised file. As long as the Private_ID number remains with the original listing, all your store listings will be revised.
  • Thanks Ted. I appreciate the response. Unfortunately, I have not used the Private_Id. Although each entry should be unique because I am dealing in stamps for collectors and the decription contains what is known as the Scott catalog number. Is that enough to give it iniqueness?
  • I have done this on several occasions and it is easy to do. However, when relisting, make sure to select ''Defaut - update existing listings by ID'' from the field mapping template on the first page of bulk lister. Otherwise you end up with double listings.
  • Tom
    The easiest way is to just download a couple of listings make your changes and upload them. If it works then great go ahead and download all listings that need changes If there are problems you are only out a couple of listings, easy fix to correct them plus figure out what went wrong
  • Thank you Deborah and Michael. I appreciate the suggestions and will follow your advice.
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