Words "Free Shipping" not showing up in the title when the listing is active.

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I have "Free Shipping on all Additional Items" as part of my listing title on nearly all of my 2,000 listings. And now words "Free Shipping" are not showing up when the listings are active, like they are being blocked by the bot or something. When I'm creating the listing or click "edit" it all correct in the title, but as soon as it becomes active "Free Shipping" despairing. Funny though titles like "Ships Free with Another Item" are displaying correctly.

Hip Stamp had been nothing but trouble in the next few month. My sales dropped dramatically because of all the crap they doing there. Whoever is charge needs to get a kick in a butt.


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  • Just got a reply from HipStamp

    "As stated in Hip's Terms of Service under Product Listing Policies:

    "Item titles should not include shipping information, promotional words, or words irrelevant to the actual item, such as Wow! Look!, etc. Additionally, excessive (or non-standard) use of capitalization of words and inappropriate use of punctuation and special characters is strictly prohibited (i.e., 'BEST BRITISH STAMP!!!', 'L@@K!!!', 'Germany #5 ◊ Used ◊ OG', etc.)"

    Kindly ensure that any future listings you create comply with the above terms. Otherwise, those remarks will be removed automatically. "

    The question now is where there were for the past 3 years?
  • I'm betting Greg Doll was behind the "inappropriate use of punctuation" part

  • It is important to state true facts when posting comments in the Forum. You only have 1,679 total listings. When I sort your items from high to low, only 13 of the first 48 listings have a problem with the "Free Shipping" not showing up. Far from nearly all. In the other listings you choose not to use that description.

    More importantly your own detailed descriptions and shipping instructions show a completely different picture from "Free Shipping on all Additional Items. While it is probably free most of the time, it would cost the buyer more if the order is above $50.00. Your domestic shipping goes from $1.50 to $4.99. International rates also go up dramatically. Most sellers don't "penalize" buyers for buying more stamps, they reward them by actually giving them "free shipping" regardless of the amount of the order.

    Clearly you are also cheating the USPS with your international sales. As your $2.99 charge indicates that you are illegally including your stamps in First Class Mail. NOTHING of value is to be included in First Class Mail. This includes stamps. It's unfortunate that you choose to ignore the rules.

    You claim a "dramatic drop" in sales, but your past 30 day feedback is actually 60% higher than your average monthly feedback total for the past year. Perhaps your kick needs to be redirected.
  • I declare that under penalty of perjury and attack by a Texas tree roach that I had nothing to do with the punctuation issues here. Just a futile attempt to clear my name.
  • If you want your items to show in Google the title can not say anything about shipping or have superlatives.
    On eBay you can get away with it because they don't give a crap about Google.
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    "Free shipping" on additional items. Is not the same as "Ships free" with another item, if the system is ferretting out illegal titles automatically.
    The former case is obviously a description that goes against terms of service.
    The latter case is not obvious, as "Ships" could be a topical search term. It would require a human intervention to make the determination. I doubt Hip has a dedicated hit squad looking for bad listings that slip through the cracks.
    Of course, Hip may at anytime catch on to this workaround and add "Ships free with another item" to the filter.
  • I would give my approval to that Ted, but then you would be expecting stamps mailed to you, no doubt
  • Only if they were free of charge as well as free of shipping.
  • Ha, I'll be using postage due stamps inside and outside. So there ;-)
  • I'll look for them.
  • Nothing that a little cutting and pasting won't solve
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