GB Post Office Cancel Code?

Anyone know what Brit PO this code is?
Anyone know of source for them?

The Stamp is a #78 that I will be putting in my store


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    Hi Kris & Welcome to the Site.
    The works of Dr.J.T. Whitney "Collect British Postmarks" is all you will need. It is not an expensive book.
    You have here a London District/Suburban Office post marking.. It is a nice cancel.. You need to take that into consideration for your Listing.It will help make up for the fact that your stamp is only a two margin adhesive.

  • Thanks for the info, Dan.

    Amazon wants an arm, a leg, and half a torso for the book, but I found it reasonably priced in Ebay.
  • Your Very Welcome Kris! From the same book, Your 131 Numeral Cancel in the Scan you posted to illustrate shade varierty here in Questions is from the town of Limber & it is a better number.
    Just my opinion.. Philatelic Literature ALWAYS pays for itself.
  • Thanks again Dan.

    I put it up for sale for $2, which I think is a modest price.

    I'm selling the extra British stamps from my Sweet Corn collection because I've already made some custom pages and added some of them to my personal collection. Once I get the book, I review the ones I've kept.
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