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I am not sure how many others would find this useful but I find that it is time consuming to adjust shipping and handling cost when there is a postal rate increase or, as recently happened, Paypal increases their base transaction fee. I have different shipping and handling costs based on what the item is and the packaging required. For example: A single stamp or a plate block will ship at a lower cost than a sheet of stamps based on the weight and size of the package. It is very time consuming to sort through over 34,000 listings to adjust the shipping and handling cost. It would be nice to be able to sort an entire store inventory by the shipping cost.
Does anyone else think that this would be useful?


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    I have the same thing with many of the items that I have 2 different shipping due to the size or weight of the items. There is a fairly easy way to do it. First adjust all the prices at one for the lowest rate. Then afterwards if you have the key words in your listing title IE Sheets, Souvenir Pages, souvenir cards etc go under your listings and do a search from the search bar under your listing for each of and adjust your shipping that way. I have about 5 or 6 different items that I have to do
    the second adjustment on but I can do my entire store in less that 15 minutes that way. (I have over 120,000 listings)
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    If I understand you correctly, you are proposing that HipStamp add a filter to allow you to select all your listings that are currently priced to ship at a specific rate. I would find this very useful because I could then use the Bulk Edit feature to update all the selected listing at once --- a huge time saver.
    I used Michael's process for my recent updates and found it a bit cumbersome because not all of my item descriptions are created equal. For example, while my Souvenir cards all ship at the same rate, my PB's of 20 ship at a different rate than my PB's of 4 because they require a larger envelope and stiffener.
    Things would have been much easier if I could have updated all listings by shipping rate rather than by item description
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  • Bob
    You got it!
    I used the same method as Michael uses but it took me a couple of hours to update all of my listings.
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    Or even give users the ability to create templates for shipping.

    For example, you might create a template called “single stamp - US buyer” and apply it to all your listings that are a single stamp.

    When you needed to make a change, you’d change the template and it would automatically be reflected in all the listings that used the template.
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    It occurs to me that a filter by shipping rate would also be very useful for buyers. The site that shall not be named allows buyers to filter by price including shipping. That feature is not available on HipStamp. Buyers here must click on the shipping icon and then select a quantity of at least 1 to determine what the seller will charge for shipping. This is a tedious, time consuming process. It would be great to sort by shipping cost to help isolate the "real" low cost items. I would then no longer have to maintain my off-line list of sellers who charge what I consider to me an excessive amount for P&H.
    A nice interim step would be to have the default ship quantity set to one instead of zero. This would save buyers a lot of time because the quantity of 1 displays what it will cost to add an additional item:

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    I have never entered a quantity (except to see if it was necessary). It works fine simply clicking on "Estimate Rates."
  • Thanks for that tip Ted. I did not know that
  • You're welcome, Wayne.
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