What's it worth?

So, I got this collection from one of my D&D players today(in addition to the shoe box he gave me a few weeks ago). He actually ended up abandoning his character because his wizard cohort was negotiating with undead. I think he will come back as a n assassin and kill the wizard.
Sorry for the D&D digression but I know one of HipStamps movers and shakers is a Harry Potter fan.

Anyway, I estimate about 150 pages like this ...approximately 4000 stamps. The only condition issue I can see is the mint hinged stamps (like Mauritania) have the OG sticking to the page. Ulfgar have me this, but how much do yuns to it's worth?

Sorry for the crappy photos. I can get better if you are interested.




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  • Tim-Belgium-B50
    This overprint is probably the most valuable stamp of the page
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    620,000 of them printed.
    Listed in Gibbons as 311 and Michels as 164.

    Let me Google that for you: belgium 1920 olympic X overprint

    That was the only search I did, and had this answer in about 20 seconds... So you can probably get answers to these questions faster by learning more about the best search terms.
  • I Found the Overprint is actually less expensive than the regular issue (B50 Scott)Tim-Belgium-40

    This may be the most valuable stamp.

    There are three Penny Reds in the British section but I cant find my perf gauge to identify them.
  • I think this is the complete set of King Leopolds. I'll probably keep this page.

    The image size limit seems to be 2 MB.

  • Tim-GBpennyred
    The one in the center is a different type (rosettes in the corner). I don't think the other two are better than the one I have.

  • Kris,
    These are worth a lot less then the penny black. There are two designs, as you mention. The ones with rosette in the corners were the earlier printing, and are worth a little more. The ones with reverse plate position at top (Like your GK, KG) are from the later printing, are are like the #65 of the use... your last one is damaged (trimmed at right and bottom so is really no value.

    Your top center is perf 14 does not have lines above or below the head so it's not a 20. So it's either an 11 ($80) or a 16 ($21) depending on watermark.

    The others are all pretty much no value. Scott # 33, and $2.75.
  • Thanks for the info, Scott.

    Yeah, I know Penny Red's are worth nearly as much as Penny Blacks. I'm kinda surprised the trimming on the 33 from my own collection makes it less valuable than the other two. It's much better centered than the other two, but whatever.
    My ancient Scott catalogue lists a whole range of values for #33 based on the plate number it says are "contained in the scroll work at the sides of the stamp". I can't see any numbers though.

    I guess I'll need to check the watermark on the center top one. My fluid has long since evaporated. Can these early British stamps tolerate lighter fluid???
  • Yes. Every stamp ever printed that isn't self adhesive can tolerate Ronsonal.
    Those issues tend to have really strong watermarks, you may not need fluid at all if you illuminate it right.

    Sorry to break it to you but yes, your highly damaged 33 isn't worth squat.
    While I am a US specialist, I also do cover the Penny Black's, Penny Red's and Two Pence Blues... It's a client demand issue.
    Ironically there were about 10x more Penny Blacks then there were US #1's, but the Penny Black still commands about the same CV because more people want "the first pre-paid postage stamp ever printed".
  • Again, to me, I'd rather have the nicely centered one, even if it's trimmed.

    However, with my.loupe, I was able to pick out the plate number on the one on the left as '161'. My 1979 Scott catalogue lists that as a more desirable plate number amongst #33
  • Kiautchou

    These are interesting. And I could probably find Kiautchou on an Ubi map (although triangular precision would be difficult)

    Looks like they're worth a buck apiece, but I'll probably make a album page for them.
  • Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this mother lode. I think I'll cherry pick the ones I want to keep and the few moderately higher value stamps and offer the remaining pages for sale or auction. They're as nicely mounted as I could do.

    These stamps from Guadeloupe are nice, but they do suffer from the problem I mentioned earlier that some of the unused stamps are stuck to the paper.
    S #s 54,55,57,59 96,97,J15, J25


    And the philatelist who put this together evidently didint know the difference between French Guiana and French Guinea.
    The anteaters (51,52,53,55,59,94) are from French Guiana in South America.
    The bottom row ( (J16,134,131) are from French Guinea in Africa. and the middle one is Madagascar J9.
    the Gabon stamp is 131

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    These Chilean Telegraph stamps have some modest value
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    Love the South & Central American Telegraphs The Chile ones were very popular with their Citizens so a lot exist. Not too expensive also. a few more as a reference to sizes and other denominations. (a few are revenues) vfd
  • These Air Mails aren't worth alot...but they sure are pretty

    Tim-Ecuador-Washington Air

    and who knew Alexander Humboldt looked like Donald Trump...

  • The Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory was a German leased territory in Imperial and Early Republican China from 1898 to 1914. Covering an area of 552 km2 (213 sq mi), it centered on Jiaozhou ("Kiautschou") Bay on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula (German: Schantung Halbinsel). Jiaozhou became romanized as Kiaochow, Kiauchau or Kiao-Chau in English and as Kiautschou or Kiaochau in German. The administrative center was at Tsingtau (Pinyin Qingdao). It was operated by the East Asia Squadron of the Imperial German Navy.

    All issued around 1901-1905 and yes around a $1 each . The pfg stamps are earlier issues 1901 and the cent stamps are issues from 1905
  • IMG_0001(0)

    and im still trying to identify this one if anyone knows :)
  • Just off hand, since it doesn't have a denomination on it, it's not a postage stamp
  • That's too general a statement albeit applying in this particular case. There are plenty of valid postage stamps without denominations on them.
  • Appear to be almost all common stamps with little value
  • If it doesn't have a value in it, it is not a POSTAGE stamp, but a Cinderella
  • Free to a good home :)
  • That Kiautschou cinderella is part of a "Lost Territories" set of about 20 stamps. I have some in my store. Worth more than $1 in fine condition.
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