Rose Parade / Pan Pacific Cover



  • Jerry,

    Coke in the late '50's and early '60's were 5 cents and I used to buy Squirty or Dr. Pepper because they were only 3 cents.
    I remember buying a pack of Newports for my dad around 1967 for a quarter.
    I am also 70.
  • I think I remember buying my dad a pack of Kools for 27c. Back then, I could buy smokes for him, but he had to buy model glue for me. Lesson: We will never, ever get our priorities right.
  • @Kris Weinschenker yes, please post a full scan of the letter! Would love to see that. (Postal time capsule! love it!)

    This has been a fun thread on a cover that I probably otherwise would have glanced at, and moved on... This is where things really get interesting.
  • I'll get to it eventually...

    So many stamps, so little time...
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