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    This came today.
    Not a #1295 plate block,
    but a #1341 plate block.
    This is pretty cool.
  • Nice PB!

    Speaking of arriving today, here's what came for me (ever the sucker for funky cancels):

  • A Waterbury cancel?
  • I haven't checked my library yet to see where its from, but I doubt its a Waterbury. Since you brought it up, here's one I got a few years back:

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    That would be hilarious.
  • Don't know if these qualify as "Eye Candy" per se but they're kind of cool. Appear to be old approval packets from this dealer. All I could find out about Buttrick was some price lists indexed by Siegel in the late 1800's. He also may have been a member of a quite prominent family from the area.b614b8645a7c2ae3b9cceb2376055cd0-800
  • Thanks so much, Greg. Nice to see something philatelic again. There has been so much doom and gloom recently that I was getting worried.
  • I am here for you mi amigo. Wife was shredding a bunch of old papers today and said "Who is this Merrill guy?". It was your Christmas card. I told her not to shred that, it is a treasure!!!!! :smiley:
  • Oh, and there is more candy coming. Just picked off a nice lot of cool stuff at auction. Don't ask me from whom.....shhhhh!!!!
  • 20220717_200224

    World Series 1943 came home with an ugly stain on the lower apron. My guess was leaky flashlight battery during decades of basement. An ebay seller came to the rescue with an obscure state revenue which covers the spot nicely.
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    One of my favorites - The Pluto Springs Water Devil....French Lick Springs Hotel Co.

  • Try again - One of my favorites - The Pluto Springs Water Devil....French Lick Springs Hotel Co.

  • Concentrated spring water??? I, uh, um, wow. That's a new one. Lovely cover, Henry.
  • 20220718_082828

    See your devil and raise you one.

    How about some Chevron water with - what else? Natural gas!

    Sounds... er... yummy?
  • Here's a few from French Polynesia. First are 304-06 from 1978. These celebrate 20 years of stamps inscribed Polynesie Francaise instead of Establissements Francaise etc. The designs reprise that popular set from 1958.
    Next is a block of C30 from 1964. Women are on a lot of Tahitian stamps. A lot.
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    So I stumbled across this today. I had completely forgotten about it, because it wasn't something I bought, or sought out, rather as a top 1% flyer among Singapore Airlines they just sent it to me in 2018 as their 50 year anniversary of flying, and along side their last flight of the 747. I'm not sure how many of these were made actually, because you may note that the postage is Japan, despite Sing Air being based in Singapore. But, as a member of their PPS Club, I guess they arranged for these for people in the local postage. I'm not even sure if these were sent to any other country besides Singapore and Japan. Suffice to say, I suspect, this page is rather limited in it's distribution.

    Singapore Air 50 Years
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    Sorry for the reflection, I had to take this image with a phone camera.
  • Phill. I’ve spent some time in Tahiti. In the 60s and 70s even married women were allowed to have sex with foreigners. It was encouraged. So, yes, the girls there are rather popular.
  • Wow, does that still apply today, Bob?
    Asking for a friend.
  • Careful there Ted, That tradition might work both ways!!!!!
  • Who's your friend, Ted?
    Who's your friend? Ted?
    Yes, punctuation is your friend.
  • Oh no!!!!!! Jacques might be a closet Punctuite!!!!!
  • Ugggg remind me to not post items following Phil...
  • Scott. I thought your sheet was really cool. One has to wonder what strings get pulled to produce a custom piece like that. I've read of similar items from New Zealand, but I've never seen any before.
  • Haha, thanks Phil.
    I mean, these really are scarce pieces. I was stunned when it just "arrived" at my mailbox 4 years ago. I would love to know how many were actually printed, and if there are any other countries that exist. That would be a cool collection!
  • Henry,
    I've been to French Lick many times (Larry Bird territory). There are some cool caves in that area.
    If you are interested in selling that cover, let me know!
  • Thanks for the offer Scott, but that is one of my long term keepers. Long, long ago I used to pick up covers /ephemera for a couple of dealers who had customers with much deeper pockets than my own customers had. I ended up with some nice stuff in the process.
  • Nice one Henry. Love that cover.
  • Hey John, hate to mention this, but it looks like that 3c #65 has been added to the cover. None of the grid cancel touches the envelope that I can see, and the bottom 2 perfs at right indicate some additional cancel, but nothing below the stamp itself. I love the DUE 3 stamp, but I think someone has altered this cover.
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