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  • Phil, I also think Hungary has issued some great s/s's, particularly this (expensive) one, Scott C66 (1949)
    Hungary C66 1949
  • Do you own that Ted?
  • Well I'll jump in....Trieste C17a I found in a cheap collection lot a while ago. Nice surprise as it CVs as three times what I paid for the whole lot. 3e778be84a7373676873bb7463c459ce
  • @Exodus Richter No, I don't own that one. But it's on my Christmas wish list.
    (Anyone? . . . Anyone?)
  • Wow that Hungarian is really spectacular. Stop it! You're turning me into a World Wide man of interest...
  • I was never a world-wide collector myself, merely unfocused....
  • OK, gentlemen. I'll see the two Hungarians, cover the Yugoslav with a Belgian, and I'll raise you one Switzer:
    Hungary 2018

    Hungary C295

    Belgium B279

    Switzerland B143

  • I hadn't seen that Hungarian Apollo 11 issue. It's one of the better drawn lunar modules I've seen on a stamp, but it's missing some black on both the advent and descent stage.1631543418255-617721812
  • It's Monday, back to work. Here's a set for Exodus: Sarawak 155-58 from 1946. Here we have the Brooke Rajas, Sir James, Sir Charles Johnson, and Sir Charles Vyner Brooke. This was the last issue of Brooke Era. In 1946 Charles Vyner Brooke ceded Sarawak to the British crown. Sarawak joined the Federation of Malaysia in 1963.

  • This is French Polynesia C50 from 1969, marking the inauguration of Concorde service. It's an omnibus design issued by several members of the French community in striking colors.

  • Nice one Phil!
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    Rene, been to that Lindbergh (Air museum) a few time with my children. Balboa park- gotta love it especially all the museums and such. been a while but it was fantastic there (25+ years) except for the California Taxes and high living costs :-). Scott, you were a neighbor in Encinitas :-) I was in Carlsbad, Oceanside and finally moved out to the sticks in Bonsall (near Fallbrook) I may move back there as Kids still live there.
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    I fell in love with the Japanese Parks series back when I was very young with my first Scott catalog. All I knew for years were those grainy images. I went hungry to get my first few sets in my mid twenties, back when big mail auctions advertised in Linn's. Now that I'm old and fat, I've gotten a few more.

    Here is Japan 569-72 from 1952, Bandai-Asahi National Park. Have a good day, ya' ll.

  • Good call Phil. I like these too.
  • Let's look at something fairly normal today. I began to collect Ireland to about 1965 back, again, when I was young. These days I've been able to get serious about it, getting better stamps and more complete. Here is Ireland 116 from the 1940 set of definitives, mint lightly hinged and nicely centered.

  • It must be after 5:00PM somewhere in the Worldliq
  • Most excellent!
    And it's always 5;00, somewhere in my house...
  • St. Pierre & Miquelon C40, another from the Concorde Omnibus.

  • 116
    Thats a nice stamp-
  • Yes sir, it is from a set called "The Trail of the Caribou." The stamps commemorated actions in WW1 that Newfie units fought in. I have one or two, I wish I had the set.
  • Monday is fun day, back to work. Over the weekend HRH brought a box of stuff from the storage room for me to go through. Neat stuff, in one smaller box in the box I found a handful of 1950s-60s postcards, tourist souvenir booklets from the Wisconsin Dells from the same period (and painfully dated), about 4oz of US large on paper from the 32c-33c days, and two fine banknotes.

    Here is a postcard, the Cliff House Hotel at Seal Rocks. If than ain't straight out of a Perry Mason episode.. .

    This was a real surprise, Morocco 50 franc note from March, 1944. Pick catalog number 26, folded, fine. It was still in the auction sleeve from about 1997 or so. Value back then was $10.

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    And finally, this excellent piece of notgeld, a 200 million mark note from Crefeld, Sept. 1923. Unc.

  • Wow Phil, those are beautiful true works of art.
  • Happy Mittwoch, everyone. Here's a double as I missed yesterday.

    Switzerland B144, the Basel Doves souvenir sheet.

    Jamaica 127, the 1950 perf 13 5/ from the KG6 set.

  • Love the Jamaica Stamp !!

    Here's one that arrived today via Fedex from a recent auction: US 1869 Eagle and Shield issue (Scott 116). The scan doesn't do justice to the eye-popping colour. With the fancy cancel it moved me so I had to have it...Scan
  • That is a beauty George. One of my favorite stamps.
  • And now for something completely different....

    Italy 582-83, designs for the Milan Triennial Art Exhibition, 1951. I love this Italian "mod deco" style.
  • George, agree with Scott, I am a fan of your acquisition. I really love the 1869 Pictorials and am just waiting for the right 122!!
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