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  • Capt Phil might like these....I do. French West Africa 1956 FIDES Set (Scott 65-72)
  • I do like that set. Can't wait to find it imperf...
  • Stay tuned! You have me running to my office right now. :smiley:
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    I thought I remembered these. Non dentelée. Phil is this what you had in mind? I might have 65-67 too somewhere. Need to dig a little deeper in the pile.
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    Ahhh.....I'm, ah, well. As Steve McQueen would say, "oooo--key." I wish I could go there, but I just found your entries. Can't do it, wish i could, just cant... But geezer. They look nice.
  • Gotta go through a big red box. Got jumbled up in shipping. I hope they are there. I'll let you kneaux.
  • No hurry, Greg. Read my edited note above.
  • No problem. Couldn't find the other ones anyway. They are nice though. A bit of a surprise from this last lot I picked up actually. I have a few other FWA imperfs I'll get listed in the next day or so,
  • Oh that 30f issue is awesome.
  • This just in....
    This is from July, 1950. When I saw the Guynemer stamps, I knew I had to have it. Of course, they were issued in 1940. As a matter of fact, the Guynemer stamp was issued in November of 1940, after the fall of France in the summer, so it was a quiet little jab in the eye for the Germans. At any rate, the cover is addressed to "Mr
    SANABRIA Nicolas, Co.Inc"
    which is also pretty cool, but Mr. Sanabria died in 1945. His stamp shop must have gone on for some time.
  • Pretty cool Phil!
  • More candy for the French Non dentelée aficionados.

    Tunisia Y&T 329a and 333a

  • Here's a couple of recent additions. First, I don't collect Philippine Islands during the US period (although I've always wanted to) but I had the opportunity to get this little bugger since, well yeah, it is imperforate. P.I. 350 mnh, margin copy from 1931.
    I don't know anything about this item and I hope that some one of you can tell me why this and another couple P.I. stamps from 1929-31 were issued imperf.

    And then there's this. Well...When I began to collect French stamps seriously two years ago, I never meant to get this serious. Please don't tell Herself. France C17, 1936, used. Let's all just look at it awhile....
    G'night ya'll...
  • That France C17 is a beaut!
  • Wow. Jeri, thank you very much.
  • You're welcome, Phil.
  • Found that FWA Scott 66 Imperf Block....
  • To paraphrase my favorite butler, Lurch, "uuuuhhghgh."

    Greg those are all lovely and I hope someday to take them from you.
  • Here is a peachy looking set. French West Africa Scott 17-35 Colonial Soldier Set.f9d3978dbde7e0d186e67361fc375d46-800
  • Herself took this photo tonight of the lights in the rock flowerbox along one side of the house.
    Takes ya back, don't it? Who's ready for a fog cutter? I'd like a double daiquiri please, shaken hard.
  • Can I get Drizzly to deliver one to Texas?
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    Here's a new one for me. France 473b, from June of 1944. Chateau de Chenonceaux in black, mnh, with certificate. This was one of the last stamps issued
    under the Vichy regime.
    There were three variants, well three and a reissue. The main stamp, 473, was 15f in lilac brown, no RF. 473a was the same in black brown. This is the scarcer variant in black. In October 1944 there was a 20f reissue in black with RF, and it was the first pictorial of the new republic.
    The paper is toned a light brown, which happened a lot with older French stamps. That brown confuses the eye and the camera, and it is hard to tell the design is black, not black-brown. This came with an APS cert from 2001. Its my first cert ever, so I'm in high cotton...
  • Atta buoy!!!!
  • I'm in Vienna (just arrived) for the next two weeks. Got anything Austrian?
    Phil, need me to get you anything modern?
  • Would you send me a schnitzel and some latkes???
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    Scott, I'll get a nice Austrian set up later today. I hear modern Austria has some really bonkers modern issues. If you stumble across something, I'll be happy to share it with the guys here on the forum. Eat well!
  • Ooo-key. Here's some Austrians. First is Austria 610 from 1956, marking the admission of a reunified Austria to the United Nations.
    And here is B264-267, the arms of Austria from 1230 to 1949. Scott notes that the surtax was to help returned prisoners of war.
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