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  • Oh, and the stamps. They really struck me and made me think about the human spirit and how it can overcome such savagery. But here we are, eh?
  • It is indeed a poignant & dramatic image !! Here is the set on Cover dated 15. XI. 47 Wien (Vienna) austria
  • Alright. Happy Monday! Ya'll know it's always a big show on Monday, so let's get started.

    First, thanks to everyone that's contributed photos and comments. This is as good a place as any to just talk about the hobby.

    Next, Scott Payton mentioned in another topic that he enjoyed rocket philately. Last week while sorting through a box in storage (Herself is having a yard sale and she's on a broom about clearing out boxes) I rediscovered my own small clutch of rocket stuff. Here they are, and I know little about them.

    A pair of mini sheets from the Dutch national rocket society from 1947. These are imperf, there are also perf varieties.

    A little club sheet from 1954 Cuba, honoring the first Cuban rocket experiment in 1939.

    A flown cover from the Rocket Research Institute, Inc., Glendale, California. Rocket 5, flown on Dec 31, 1958.


    And now a bonus for the money hungry, a banknote from Tunisia. Fifty francs, Bank of Algeria, March 1941, Pick catalog number 12a.

    This was during the Vichy period. The first German tanks arrived in Libya during March, and Rommel retook Benghazi and drove the British back into Egypt by the end of the month.
  • Here are 3 from Ascension's first set of 9, overprinted stamps of St Helena, from 1922.
    Ascension 1

    and 4 from the first set inscribed "Ascension," from 1924
    Ascension 2
  • Oh man, I LOVE that 5d at the bottom right.
    Stop it, stop it! I'm starting to like foreign material!!!
  • Ted I want to add those Postage Revenues to my Revenue collection I do have some that are close to this what I mean same King face! But Revenue with ships,planes,kings,queens,presidents I'm all hands in!
  • Ships on stamps, some if my favorites.
  • For the rocket mail fans.

  • Space stamps are fun. I've always liked this Apollo 8 image of the Earth rise.

  • These were a prize, when I was young.

  • Banana stamp.

  • Ted, I am just slobbering with envy on your Ascensions. Beautiful stamps, thank you...

    By the way, Mr. Moulton, that King face was George the Fifth, or KGV. Learn the British kings and queens. It will save you lots of time...
  • Hey Phil, I missed your post (I was blinded by the Ascensions). I have seen that Cuba sheet before, but don't have it. I've never seen the first two (I have several from the Netherlands), and your flown cover is awesome.
    I think I'm going to have to dust off this group and decide what to do with it.
    If you're interested in selling any of those, just let me know, I'd buy all of them.
  • Following up on Ted's post of the Ascension stamps......
    I played around with producing art prints from stamps and this second set of Ascension was one of my favorite subjects.

    The first item's frame size is 18 inches by 23½ inches. The second print size is 8½ inches by 6¼ inches.

    Ascension Island framed print smaller 700px

    Ascension 21 with vignette as background and with ASCENSION tablet 700px
  • Thanks I will do that Phil I forgot how many kings n queens are actually on postage stamps some can be easy to confuse!
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    From my Irish collection. From the 1940-42 definitive set, 111a, the 3d booklet pane.


    On the regular 111, the gutter was between two vertical panes of stamps. With the booklet pane printing, the gutter was to the side.

  • I've got a new video up, with 3 top-10 lists of favorite stamps:

  • TED! -- Thanks so much for that look inside your new, immaculate, perfectly-organized and tasteful Stamp Room!

    It's incredibly similar to mine!

    My Stamp Room
  • Umm. And Herself thought I had a problem....
  • Sorry, Dave...I'm with Ted...

    Stamp Den 2

    Stamp Den 3
  • Dave, I bet you can find whatever you need quicker than I can. LOL
  • My motto is,

    "A place for everything . . .

    and everything all over the place!"
  • I like a mess, myself. Herself has this nasty, nasty habit of cleaning up, and then forgetting where she put stuff.
  • Is it just me or did the items in this thread get strangely reordered?
    There messages now about "Ascension" before the Ascension photos... weird.
    And I know I saw all that, and suddenly Alan Jackson's rocket mails appear before the Tonga Banana?
    Maybe I'm just losing it. My brain is still sloshing around after last night's earthquake.
  • @Dave Bennett too funny. I have that same hefty nosed penguin in my office! He's been there for something on the order of 37 years!
  • @Scott, go back to page 1 of the comments, juat above the 1st one is a notice, "146 comments, sort by [select one] Votes/Newest ones first.
  • Ah! Interesting. Thanks Ted. Didn't know that. But explains everything!
  • " I have that same hefty nosed penguin in my office! He's been there for something on the order of 37 years!"

    You have good taste, Scott! As you probably know, that's Opus, from the Bloom County comic strip!

    You really 'flyspecked' that photo in order to see him! :smiley:
  • Dave, indeed, my reference was to the "scientific name" that they used for him. It wasn't much a fly specking at all. By funny coincidence, we had a pretty big quake here last night just before 11pm, and one of the few things that fell off the shelf was my hefty nosed penguin, face down, nose first, into the floor. I had picked him up about 20 minutes before seeing your image. :)

    On another note, here's a photo of a feeding penguin I took in Antarctica a few years ago.

    Feeding Penguin
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