Rare! Very Rare! Ultra Rare! Actually, "as common as muck"!!



  • There is something that looks to be troubling about some or all of that seller's listings. I just spot-checked one other one:


    If the catalog number is correct, it catalogs for $2.25 in the 2017 Scott. Asking price: £150.00
  • The Italy stamp Cats a couple of dollars Used. this is absurd
  • You could make an offer. :wink:
  • Chris Eaborn - I have agreed with your comments from the start and you have attracted 1.5K views and 64 comments thus far. Hope Hip Stamps can pay some attention to what you have said but I note your thread is becoming very cluttered as are some of the selling sites. Thanks for trying to make Hip Stamps a better place for buyers and sellers.
  • John H. Talman --- well, simple, CLOSE it off. I`m not that fussed any more. I made the point, my own opinion, I have been blasted, insulted and such like so close it down.
  • Great find Paul, thanks for sharing. My daily smile :-) Wonder what catalogue the seller was using :-) Michael cddstamps
  • Chris: Sorry that so many missed the great points you and some others were making. I love a joke but some of the jokers seem to miss what many threads are all about. Two thirds of a Pun is PU. Sorry to see you so badly mistreated but many appreciated what you tried to do. Thanks again. John Talman
  • To change the subject a bit...note how some "auctions" offer stamps with a way overpriced reserve and receive zero bids? In fact, these sellers will have multiple lots with too high reserves and no bids. What's the point here?

    Chris...I did not think your thread became too "cluttered" rather I have enjoyed it. Better than many.

  • John Fields - You say you enjoyed it. When the person who started the thread (Chris Eaborn) said he had "been blasted, insulted and such like". Was this part of what you enjoyed? I thought it was wrong.
  • With reference to the highlighted items above being offered by `mishko88` it might be worthy of note, he has been on eBay for over 7 years and still with a 0 f/b and is actually based in the Russian Federation and not in London as clearly stated on this site. Mis-representation comes to mind here? He has never sold or bought anything as far as we can see so that speaks for itself. I would certainly not be sending money to him even if the item was worth anything at all.

    As for this thread, I think I have exhausted my thoughts and not wishing to extend it into my latest `run-ins` with regard to the weekly `auctions` on here whereby, a prominent member describes items as `very fine` and `unmounted` and then sends a stamp that has more creases in it than ripples on the ocean with no gum whatsoever and then attempts to explain that his description aligns with what Scott states as facts, I rest my case. I `could` return the stamp in question at MY expense and he did offer to refund the purchase price (less a 30% re-stocking fee) which would mean I am $32 out of pocket! Not a chance in hell.

    I am ready for retirement so I think I will just off-load whatever is in the office and what does not sell, I have a few walls in need of papering. You never know, it may be classed as RARE art at some time in the future!
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    If the item is "not as described", then the seller has the responsibility to pay for return shipping (if they want the item back) and for refunding the entire original payment, including the shipping. Don't let these types of sellers get away with it. Force them to stand by their sales. If they describe it wrong, it is their fault, not the buyer's. The seller is liable to make it 100% right. They will begin to pay more attention to what they are selling when it hits them in their pocket book.. If the seller won't do that, then it's time to report to management and get that seller removed.
  • On my atypical site, I seldom offer a rare listing and can scarcely recall the exceptional time I did. But then it would be unusual to remember such an uncommon occurrence as I hardly ever can do so. I know my thinking is unparalleled, maybe even singular, as my infrequent posts tend to reflect a unique point of view.
  • Yes, Michael, you are correct and that is how it should work but, hey-ho, there are different rules for different sellers in that, US sellers word everything as `the Gospel according to the Scott Catalogue`, their Bible and abide only by their rules whilst non-US sellers like ourselves, go by SG Catalogues and describe the true and honest condition of the item. Apparently, according to Scott, Unmounted means `never hinged` be it Mint or Used and makes no reference to differences of Mint with Gum or Mint with No Gum and as such the seller has not mis-described the stamp.
  • Interest avatar, Ron, seems there are a few `chimps` on here as well, not saying you are one though.
  • Now, Chris, it's not right to lump all sellers/collectors from a country into the same sack. In the same vein, one can say that in the UK, it's the Gospel according to Gibbons. People use the predominant catalogs that are used in the land that they live. To call one group of collectors basically "stupid" and that the UK way is the only correct way is very arrogant on your part, insulting to the rest, and casts a dim light on UK philately.

    As in any group of users of any catalog, many do not read the information contained in it. If they did, much of the problems associated with stamp descriptions would not exist. Must of the frustrations many collectors go through to ID a stamp would go away as well.

    Your translated definition of "unmounted" from the UK to the "mint never hinged" from the US is incorrect,and shows your ignorance of the Scott catalogs. According to Scott, mint, never hinged refers to unused stamps that have full gum with no hinge marks or other disturbances on the gum.

    Terminology between catalog types relating to condition, colors, and other things is relative to, once again, the land where the collector using the predominant catalog lives. Collectors properly using stamp catalogs (they are not just full of pretty pictures and values) would eliminate much of the ambiguity found in the hobby. The large philatelic associations in the world could take the initiative to standardize terminology in the hobby around the world, if they would take the initiative and if they could agree to the terminology that should be used. Even if all that were done, there would still be the lazy collectors who won't read/acquaint themselves with the instructional information that is contained in all catalogs.

    Basically, we are all SOL on all counts, and must rely on how willing we ourselves are individually willing to learn about our hobby. Is not doing so irresponsible behavior on the part of collectors, sellers and philatelic associations? I leave that for you to decide.
  • There are some who would also complain that ebay.de listings are all in German and follow the gospel according to Michel. smh
  • Come on, you have got to give us Brit's credit for trying-it-on. $400 for a £65 stamp...............Donald Trump would be proud of us!
  • I have reported one seller who goes by RETIRED for this very practice, selling worthless stamps for several dollars. The admins of this site refuse to do anything. Beginning collectors will be angry at the hobby for ripping them off. By the way, almost every seller I've purchased from on here has been excellent.
  • Steve - could you give an example please - I just went through several pages of his stock and didn't find what you are referring to .... thanks.
  • There are several right now, multiples of low values of the 1954 liberty series, worth a few pennies each, starting at 4.99. I see these types of stamps every day.
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    I may be looking at the wrong dealer - I come up with Dr. Phil as "retired". I see a few low value booklet panes, coil ends, etc. and a few plate blocks from the 1954 Liberty series. The $3,99 booklet panes are Scott 1036a and are listed at $3.99 each except for the partial plate number and the miscut. Other dealers have 1036a booklet panes priced from 75 cents to $7.00. The plate blocks are similar in comparison pricing, actually falling at or below the halfway point in comparative pricing.
    If these are the ones you are talking about it would be hard to find fault and you would first have to go after a lot of other dealers who are priced higher.....
  • You were looking at one day and admittedly there are very few abuses listed today. I've been following this for months and I've seen many
  • Hi Steve,
    Maybe some day buyers will be able to block out specific sellers from their searches . Check out this forum, if this type of feature interests you. :smile:
  • Great idea!!!!! Thanks.
  • Carol Brooks, here's just one example from today. As you requested.
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